MLM Prospecting With Dignity OR the Anti Three Foot Rule

MLM Prospecting With Dignity OR the Anti Three Foot Rule

Have you had the experience of getting started in MLM or being on a conference call and hearing about the guy who talks to everyone that comes within three feet of him? The story goes that every time he’s at the post office, he’s prospecting. At the gym he’s presenting to the guy on the next treadmill over. At the bank he’s recruiting the teller AND the woman in line behind him.

You hear that often enough and you start thinking that’s how MLM businesses are built and you darn well better learn how to do it. Then you start wondering if you can do it, or if you already want to. It’s awkward, it’s uncomfortable, it can be downright painful. You know the worst thing about it? It’s UNPROFESSIONAL.

Did you ever hear of a human resources person from IBM recruiting at the supermarket? No. Of course not. Here’s the good news – you don’t have to do it either. You can become an MLM specialized and keep your dignity intact and recruit with integrity and not have to worry that you have to turn into the person people cross the street avoid in order to build your business.

How do you do it? You do it by having a system for delivering information in a sequential and meaningful way that doesn’t impose on anyone, that doesn’t frighten anyone and best of all doesn’t make them look at you like you have dog crap on your shoes. You know what I’m talking about. That deer-in-the-headlights look where they want in the worst way to run away. You don’t need that in your business.

Here’s what that system looks like: when you meet someone or you want to approach someone you already know and proportion your business concept, you don’t do it right on the identify in the moment. You get to know them for a few minutes and you say something along these lines: you know, you seem really sharp, or funny, or intelligent – or in any case is genuinely true – and I’ve got something I’d like to run by you, could I contact you in a day or so?

You don’t present right then and there. You have a first look destination – a website generally – and you send them there WHEN you talk to them on the phone. If you do meet someone when you’re out and about and you’d like to talk to them, you tell them and you get a number and you talk at another time. You don’t present. Presenting is a slippery slope.

Why? Because it’s very hard to tell your whole story succinctly in 3-5 minutes. You start on the wrong foot and there’s no going back – you feel yourself getting more and more uncomfortable and sinking deeper and deeper into the swamp. You lose the person’s interest and you start stumbling over your words and you don’t feel specialized, you feel uncomfortable at best, sleazy at worst. Not a good combination. This is somewhere you never want or need to be.

IF however, you send them to check something out and you follow up the way a true pro does, they’re impressed, you feel good and you start building the skills of a specialized network marketer. Welcome to the other side.

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