Michael Jackson Psychic Readings – Spooky! Here What Psychic Mediums Say About the King of Pop!

Michael Jackson Psychic Readings – Spooky! Here What Psychic Mediums Say About the King of Pop!

Are you disinctive what really happened to Michael Jackson? Do you believe the conspiracies, the murder for hire plots and the other wild wackiness that surrounds the sensational life (and death) of the biggest star in the world? If you said yes…you are NOT alone! The truth is, millions of people have been captivated by the tragedy that took the life of Michael Jackson, and no matter WHAT you thought of him in life…there is certainly much to be learned from his death. And if you talk to some of the world famous mediums and psychics, much of Michael’s destiny was carved in his creative Karma a long time ago!

So What Do Many World Famous Mediums Believe REALLY Happened to MJ?

It should be no surprise that many mediums and other intuitives have gotten messages from Michael Jackson from the “other side”. Like Princess Di, John Kennedy Jr and other famous superstars who died FAR too young….MJ was known to have a fascination with psychic occurrences, his own death…and of course, what waits beyond. Several famous mediums have claimed that Michael died truly without any conspiracy, NOT at the hand of any criminal intent or enterprise…and simply died the tragic death of a creative superstar who was cursed by too much fame, too much money and too much sadness. With his spirit now FREE…this free spirited soul is now safe and obtain in the warm embrace of the ethereal realms….where he is basked in love, light and the nurturing care of those who loved him in life, and passed over before he did.

Are there some that say otherwise? How about those who predict that Michael was killed…or the subject of a larger conspiracy?

Honestly? I’m plugged into ( and pay attention) to much of the “conversation” and gossip that goes on in the psychic space. And I can tell you that most of the best mediums and GENUINE psychics who have been able e to access Michael since he’s passed in spiritual form….don’t believe that at all. You are, of course, ALWAYS going to have those who fan the flames of controversy, but by and large….MOST believe not only is the spirit of Michael Jackson in a far better ( and brighter) place, he’s truly home…and finally, after a lifetime of sadness. happy once again.

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