Mesothelioma – The scarce Asbestos Cancer

Mesothelioma – The scarce Asbestos Cancer

Mesothelioma is scarce kind of cancer but is highly aggressive kind. Every year about two to three thousand people are reported to have this cancer. The number of Mesothelioma patients is likely to increase in the next decade. Exposure to asbestos is only the known cause of this cancer.

Asbestos – a fibrous mineral that occurs naturally, which was well known for its fire resistance, insulating, and long lasting similarities. It was popularly used from 1900-1975. In this period concrete, textiles and insulation industry manufactured different types of products which used asbestos fibers.

The membranes covering the lungs, internal organs and abdominal cavity of the body is attacked by Mesothelioma. There are three types of Mesothelioma. The Pleural Mesothelioma is the most shared one. It occurs when the membrane cells covering the lungs are invaded by asbestos fibers.

The second kind is Peritoneal Mesothelioma. Here membrane covering the abdominal organs also known as Peritoneum, are attacked by this cancer. The rarest asbestos cancer is called Pericardial Mesothelioma, in which membrane covering the heart or the pericardium is attacked.

Very little success is reported in treatment for this cancer. Due to rapid growth of asbestos cancer that it is not diagnosed until it reaches the final stages and the possibility of survival of patient is poor. Treatments include chemotherapy, radiation therapy and, surgery.

Asbestos products were manufactured widely though manufacturers were aware about the risks to health. Asbestos can be nevertheless found in many old buildings, and it continues in putting risk of exposure to many people. Asbestos cancer will be a risk to health in the future, but thanks to its strict regulations, it will not be up to the extent, it was in the past.

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