Make An Informed Choice When You Buy The Best All In One Printer

When you have a choice it is a great thing, but only if you have the proper information or else it can become very confusing. Take the best all in one printer; they can be geared towards a photography enthusiast, a business man or already school children. This method that before you go out and buy the best possible all in one printer you will need to know what you will be doing with it and what features you will require.

There are many features that modern printers have to offer that their predecessors did not, for example many have now got wireless connectivity and can provide built in fax capability. They offer a higher print resolution and extremely fast black and colour copying.

The features that you should consider are the speed of the printer and secondly the quality of the output. For example someone might buy the MFC-795CW Brother all in one printer which offers every possible function including fax. It boasts an impressive 1200 x 1200 dpi and is extremely fast at copying documents, it prints up to 23 pages per minute in mono and 20 pages in colour. This printer has features that make it stand out from the crowd and is a good all-rounder already for a photography enthusiast. It has a 5 inch wide colour LCD touchscreen that is very easy to use and very responsive.

Another great choice would be the MG8150 Canon photo all in one printer. This photo printer provides you with very fast black and colour printing because of its 9600 x 2400 dpi print resolution and is superb value for money. This is also a network printer which method you can set up a wireless office easily. The price tag is around £220 – £230.

The last printer is the HP officejet 4500 Multifunction Wi-Fi inkjet printer. This affordable flatbed printer can print, copy and examine productively and it is extremely reliable. The only negative point is that it has a lower dpi print resolution compared to the ones above. This all in one will keep you on task at home or in the office.

Most modern printers have energy saving settings built into them unlike the older printers that consumed huge amounts of electricity already when not in use. This is an important factor to consider these days. All these printers come with a 12 month warranty which gives you a great piece of mind.

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