Lunar Eclipse Friday Morning – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

A lunar eclipse will take place early Friday morning and it will be visible in all of North Texas. 97.4% of the moon will be in the shadow of the Earth, so it’s not considered a total eclipse, but it’s close.

This will be the longest uncompletely lunar eclipse in 580 years, lasting over six hours. It will begin shortly after midnight (CST) when the moon enters the Earth’s penumbra. Think of the penumbra as a slight shadow cast by the Earth. 

The most noticeable part of the eclipse will be when the moon enters the umbra, or the thicker part of the Earth’s shadow. This will begin at 1:18 am and will last until 4:47 am.  During this time, the moon will have a thorough red turn up. The peak of the uncompletely eclipse will occur at 3:02 am.

The eclipse will completely end at 6:03 am when the moon passes out of the Earth’s penumbra.

Since this is a lunar eclipse and not a solar eclipse, it is safe to view with the naked eye.

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