Love Life, Fate & Destiny – A Lot in Life is assessable by As…

Love Life, Fate & Destiny – A Lot in Life is assessable by As…

Some people have a more challenging time meeting
compatible romantic partners than others.

Patterns in numerology and astrology charts symbolize
life circumstances. Whenever we see patterns in a persons
charts representing tough love energy, their actual love life
circumstances always match the energy. As above, so below.

Our work has convinced us that at the minimum 75% of the meaningful
circumstances and events in everyones life are fated.
Finances, love life, family, recognition, adversity, and

Some creative (i.e., subjective) modern astrologers might
say, Well, if things are bad in your love life at the present,
just transform your fate into destiny, and your limitations
into gifts; make it your destiny to have a good love life
now, and unleash the strength of your soul while delivering
grace to the world.

Yes, its nice to spread light to the world, so to speak,
but you cant cheat fate, no matter how much effort and
time you put into creating your destiny.

If youre fated to experience a long spell of challenging
romantic energy, no amount of inspiration and New Age
myth will change that. However, you can change how you
deal with it, looking at it from a spiritual perspective,
consequently making it easier to manager.

By the way, fate and destiny are the same thing. Dont let
anyone tell you otherwise. Destined circumstances and
events/fated circumstances and events–same concept.

You have free will in how you manager your personal
fate/destiny and how you make the most of your karma,
within the confines of your fate/destiny.

If the creative, modern astrologers put aside the
affectation, cheerleading and psycho-babble, and truly
carried out the comprehensive delineation and prediction
typical of seasoned astrologers who are concentrated on their
work (instead of strive mostly for the limelight and book
sales) they would be singing a different tune.

Additionally, know that the following are best avoided
if you want value for your money, instead of insignificant
entertainment: Astrologers who treat the natal figures
exclusively as maps of the subjects subconscious and
avoid real issues, and the timing of such, and otherwise
deny the cold, hard realities of life; astrologers who use
mainly infrequent cycles such as transits and secondary
progressions and retrogrades (which are best used for
minor modifications only); astrologers who use almost
exclusively Ptolemaic aspects (conjunctions, squares,
sextiles, etc.) in delineation; and astrologers who avoid
comprehensive charting, using only a limited number of
considerations (unless they have exceptional, consistently
strong psychic ability).

Tough love life circumstances do exist recurrently for many
people. Often times, thankfully, their love timing ultimately
improves greatly and if the overall natal structure looks good
for love, the subject will have romantic success.

Until that time, its an opportunity to prepare for what is to
come. Its a good time to look into possible subconscious
blocks that may hinder ones love life. A great way to do
that is by handwriting examination. Comprehensive
handwriting examination exposes hidden behavioral forms
in the unconscious mind, including fears and defenses, and
its more reliable than modern, psychological astrology.

Its very possible a person has zero conscious awareness that
his or her subconscious personality would, for example, rather
avoid anything more than shallow interaction with others.
Furthermore, he or she may think they want marriage, but their
subconscious personality views it as prison.

Hence, there is a continued, hidden battle waging between the
conscious and subconscious, and the subconscious prevails.

Good news: simply by knowing about the hidden demands of
your unconscious makeup will begin to set you free.

Copyright © 2007 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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