Live Your Life With Love Instead Of Killing Yourself With Drugs

Live Your Life With Love Instead Of Killing Yourself With Drugs

Hey buddy. I am bored. Lets smoke up some stuff – a very shared thing to hear these days among youth of our country. Some say that its their Swag, some say that they feel like heaven after doing drugs, and others say that it just makes them feel relaxed. There are lot of reasons people give, so that they can justify their drug abuse. at all event the reason may be, the root cause remains the same- without of Love. Now this love can be Self-Love, or without of attention from parents and other caregivers. But people choose to do drugs, they are not forced to use them.

People say that they feel Light after doing drugs, but the chief reality is that it is a thorough pit of darkness. It just drags you to its web and you get stuck there because you do not have a strong will strength! All those who do drugs are emotionally ineffective people. And unlike what they think,they are not any higher in position, coolness or class or intelligence. Rather they are just like a rat trying to escape from the difficult situations of life. Sorry to put it that way, but we feel sorry for all those who choose drugs to find some refuge. That is not at all a good life; it is simply being dead with a living physical body. Most of the experiences you get while you are on the so called Trip of Life, you truly cannot feel them after the effect of your drug is over. It would be the real enjoyable trip only if you can experience the same elation of emotions without any psychoactive substance.

Ancient scriptures say that getting imbibed upon any kind of drug is a sin. Because you lose your human sense and your animal urges become more powerful, which rule you into unhealthy ways of life- like gluttony, and getting dependent only upon bodily pleasures for fun. It makes you forget that you are a human and you need to walk by certain morals and principles of life. Most of the criminal records say that rapes, murders, robbery, theft are all done under the influence of narcotic substances. There have been many situations where people died while they were trying to get high, without the awareness of the amount they had already consumed due to their body tolerance for drugs and hence ended up overdosing!

There is definitely a need to see how beautiful life is! People need to get over with all their fears. They need to be bold enough to accept themselves the way they are and if they feel that there is a need to change, then they must take a step with courage to make it happen without drugs!

A rehabilitation center is considered to be a stigma these days. Yes, addiction is a filthy disease, but it is very important to get over it. Get yourself admitted in a good and a recognized rehabilitation center. What after all would be better? To see yourself or your loved ones destroy their life with drugs or to gain control over life with complete confidence and live a sober healthy life!

Drugs are very dangerous for health- Both Mental and Physical Health. You lose the sense of discretion, you cant make decisions anymore, you lose on your creativity slowly and over that, you miss out the most beautiful moments of life-with yourself, your family and your friends. If your loved ones are smoking weed and hash or loving the Trip of LSD and saying that they are enjoying a great night life, they are already lying in their dark grave. They are far away from the beauty of life, because they have no realization of who they are, and what life truly is about. They have no purpose in life. They have no control of their life. It is drugs that control them.

If you do not want to be a person who would burn the whole world around just to light a cigarette and then dry up his own tears in the smoke that destroyed everything, if you want to find a real and a beautiful life, STOP DOING DRUGS!

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