Life in the American Dream

Life in the American Dream

The more money you make, the bigger your bills. You may buy a house, a new car, loan money to others, and increase your debt. When I built my house, I thought, I was doing well. However, the American dream became an American nightmare. You should always save money not use it.

Credit…I started building my credit as soon as I turned eighteen. First, I took a loan on a truck my grandparents gave me. It was only for eight hundred dollars but I made the payments on time. This is basic to get good credit. Next was a credit card then a lease on a Ford Explorer. Neither the credit cards or the means was worth the money. Last, I bought a house. After four years of payments, my credit score was 850. Wow!

The house…It was piece of crap but you can remodel it. I bought it for 20k. It was an old mill house moved to the country. Use a loader to clear trees and vines that had grown up around it. Nevertheless, it was near my in-law’s home and my wife had to have it and you should always pick a good neighborhood to raise a family.

Loan…After several years, I decided to take a loan to finish the house. To get a loan, you need good credit or have collateral. It is an advantage to use networking. As for me, I knew the loan officer’s wife and went to school with his daughter. The bank only required a contractor to do the work. I got three bids and got a loan for 45k. Always read the fine print known as underwriting.

Contractors…The first contractor turned out to be a snake. He cut corners and lied about how much things were going to cost. The workers he hired, never finished any projects, and stole all the tools that belong to me. He did not last long. The bank chose the next contractor to finish the house. This contractor was the most expensive of the three bidders. Sadly, he was not much different. He cost me another 45k. To pick a good contractor ask question about what they are doing and how much it going to cost. The more forth coming they are the better.

Nightmare…by all this, I was paying interest on the loan. Paying rent for the mobile home, I was staying in at the time. I also assisted by working on the house whenever I had free time away from my complete-time job, in order to lower the cost of building. It was overwhelming. After the house was finished, my payments increased dramatically. ultimately, my payments got behind and I lost my good credit score. It feels like I am standing on a chair while someone kicked the legs out from under me.

Now, I am in disorder, reaching up to get back on the chair with a dream that this is only a nightmare.

American Dream…All my life, I lived in a mobile home. All I ever wanted was a house growing up. Now that I have one, this dream is a nightmare. The American dream is just what it is, a dream. All these problems is what you call living the American dream.

Funny story…A long time ago, a family built a home. The day they completed the home, they had a party. They got in a fight and burnt it to the ground. This is my family. Heehee!!

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