Life + HD = Lifesize HD Video Conferencing

Life + HD = Lifesize HD Video Conferencing

High Definition makes life a little clearer and more beautiful. In a nutshell, HD provides a significantly higher resolution and definition than your everyday standard. HD quality can be found not just in televisions, but also HD DVDs, specific HD television channels, and already HD computer screens. But why stop there? Some of you may already know this, but for those who dont, theres another HD option out there – Lifesize HD Video Conferencing.

But why video conferencing when there are so many programs out there that already provide a webcam interface? Well, in spite of of how many options are out there for video conferencing, there nevertheless isnt one out there that truly satisfies its users. In fact, here are the top 3 issues users have when using some form of video conferencing:

1) Awful picture quality and sound

2) Slow/lagging program

3) Overall complicated user interface

Lifesize HD Video Conferencing took those problems into account and made them a thing of the past. The high quality image, sound, and user interface that comes with Lifesize Video Conferencing is so revolutionary that current users can now not already imagine running their business operations without it. Lifesize VIdeo conferencing can be used by nearly any department from finance, engineering, human resources, manufacturing, marketing, product development, sales, training, etc. and can play a vital role in the success of the business.

How can Lifesize Video Conferencing help out your business?

Cuts down travel time Prevents meeting delays Organizes meeting characterize high quality presentations More involvement among employees Real time, high quality exchange of information, in spite of of time or place Faster response enhance customer service More engagement in communication

Many businesses would agree that integrating Lifesize into their operations has considerably provided them with more efficiency, productivity, and a definite competitive edge.

… But of course, there are those companies that are small in size and would prefer to invest in a more affordable option of video conferencing without having to skimp on the features. Well, now smaller businesses can buy HD video conferencing without having to worry about complicated technology on expensive technology.

Lifesize on a Smaller extent

Lifesize is known for bringing world class, HD video conferencing to big businesses around the world, but now, it can also be an option for small businesses. The Lifesize Icon 400 is specifically designed to bring the same strength and quality one would expect from Lifesize to a much smaller extent. It provides small meetings and huddle rooms with the ability to participate in high quality video conferencing, without having to worry about installing a large, complicated, and expensive solution.

The Lifesize Icon 400 may be smaller in size, but it is definitely not lacking in any of the exceptional features. You can nevertheless expect features such as seamless call escalation, shared directories, virtual meeting rooms, guest invites, etc. just to name a few. This is also on top of the obvious qualities to expect with Lifesize such as next to perfect video quality, great sound quality, easy user interface, and automatic updates. Features such as those just listed are what make Lifesize such an immersive experience. It beautifully brings together its users so that they can proportion their knowledge, ideas, and overall presence with others around the world.

What makes the Icon 400 different than other Lifesize video conferencing solutions is the way in which it is designed. The camera and the end point are built into one piece of small and sleek equipment that can be placed on any strong surface. There are also fewer cables, making it much easier and quicker to install. Lastly, it is designed so compactly that it can only sustain 1 characterize, 1 laptop, 1 audio device, and 1 Ethernet cable at a time. Remember, this was done with intention for the small conference room. So keep in mind that although it may be smaller in size, that does not at all average that the features and quality have gone down in addition.

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