Legal course of action Outsourcing (LPO) Companies in India

Legal course of action Outsourcing (LPO) Companies in India

In India, legal outsourcing work is tremendously increasing from the last few years. Indian LPOs generally outsource the legal work for US and European clients. Some Indian LPOs also provide knowledge course of action outsourcing sets with legal offshore.

They do the law based information searches such as Litigation sustain, paralegal work, secretarial sustain, patent scenery reports, patent mapping, contract review, legal information extraction for patent invalidation and due diligence. Indian LPOs are preferably providing high quality patent litigation sets to the European and US law firms.

The positive outcome of a patent litigation case in terms of enormous amount of money could be used as a meaningful financial investment sustain for that company. LPOs follow a multi-level course of action by performing a structured goal-oriented team work with specialized attorneys and various subject matter experts.

According to a LPO report of Valuenotes (November, 2009), India is a principal offshore destination. Countries like Philippines, South Africa are also leading in the growth of LPO industries. Every year they are increasing their revenues much.

Supportive factors for the market growth of LPOs in India:

1. Easy availability of legal specialized and subject matter experts in India.

2. Cost efficiency is the major assistance for the clients of the Indian legal course of action outsourcing companies. In comparison of onshore outsourcing in US and Europe, sets of Indian LPOs are 40-50% cheap.

3. Indian legal system is very similar with the US legal system. Because, both are originated from the British legal system.

4. Offers high-end quality works to the clients.

5. Trustworthy deals and secret behavior of legal professionals both are very helpful in enhancing their credibility among the clients.

6. Indian LPOs contain better data security systems. Most of the companies are ISO certified for their effective data security management systems.

7. Better matching of Indian time zone with the US and European time zone, which reflects to the better connectivity of Indian legal professionals with their foreign clients.

8. A large pool of IT graduates is obtainable in India with efficient English communication skills.

Difficulties for Indian LPOs

1. Growth of Indian LPOs is solely depending on the growth of US and European law firms. Their recession period can also affect the Indian LPOs drastically.

2. Seasonal fluctuations in the amount of legal outsourcing work, according to requirements of foreign clients.

3. Unavailability of Indian legal professionals for the monitoring and handling the delivered reports in foreign legal entities.

4. Huge competition from the emerging LPO companies in Philippines, China, Russia etc.

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