Learn Numbers And Letters with Ice Cream – Unity

Learn Numbers And Letters with Ice Cream – Unity


Extremely Fun learning app. Let the kids learn 123 & ABC with cute ice cream character!

It contains preschool activities that can enhance child development including their memory and cognitive skills. Also It’s very simple and intuitive to use and kids will learn 123 and ABC very fast by our bright number & abc game for kids!

Everyone loves to eat ice cream, especially in hot summer days, because it’s sweet, creamy, and cold. That’s why we choose an ice cream dessert as our main character in this bright kids educational app.


·        Multi Language Supported

·        Admob Banner + interstitial ads

·        Unity Ads

·        It brings minimum $5 per day at this moment without ANY advertising.

·        The project EASY and COMFORTABLE for use. Does not require any programming skills!

·        Clear documentation 

·         Easy for improvement

·         “Rate us” function 

·        Colorful graphics

·        One Touch Control

·        6 Different categories

·        You can also play offline.

·        High User Retention! about 40% who downloads the game will stay in the game!

·         Easy to reskin (we explained how to reskin it step by step for non programmers in our documentation)

·        Asset regularly developing. You can be sure about the quality of the product and quick sustain

·        Ready to publish for ANDROID & IOS

·         Ads controller included


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The main game in the app: The ice cream and four suns will appear on the screen. You will hear someone reading out loud a number or letter. Your task is to drag the ice cream below the sun with the correct number / letter, and shoot it! If your guess is correct, the sun will freeze. If you can’t answer the questions, the ice cream can melt for standing under the sun too long!

Also the app contains another 5 educational games which contains question games for learning letters & numbers. Children of all ages love puzzles so these activities can bring so much excitement to their day in addition as their education!

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