Is Free Enterprise in America Yielding to a Socialist Leadership in DC…

For some reason we seem to be having a little class warfare in America. These things have happened before, and not just in the United States, there has always been a divide between high and poor. Unfortunately, and I believe it started with the whole “Joe the Plumber” argument during the last presidential election.

You see, Joe the Plumber, was a middle-class hard-working individual who wanted to start his own business and build it up, of course the then Junior Senator Obama from Illinois said that if he made over $250,000 a year he’d have to pay higher taxes. And when Joe the Plumber, had a problem with that, Senator Obama said; “come on man, proportion the wealth a little.”

Unfortunately, for president Obama, but fortunately for the rest of America, Obama used a catch phrase which embodies socialism, consequently, giving everyone a heads up to where he planned on taking a nation. This is when people started calling him a socialist, something that he completely denies, although judging by his actions with ObamaCare, the Stimulus Package targets, and his plans for taxation, job creation, and carbon credit Cap and Trade bill, one “could make a very strong argument” that he is a socialist in every sense of the information, as per the Oxford Dictionary.

However, I’m not going to do that, rather I’m going to recommend that you read a very good book, one which will discarded some light on exactly what the Democrats are doing in Congress, how they are dividing America, and how they are killing capitalism. The name of the book is;

“The Battle; How the Fight between Free Enterprise and Big Government Will Shape America’s Future,” by Arthur C. Brooks, Basic Book Publishers, New York, NY, (2010) ISBN: 978-04650-193-80

This book is all about the culture wars and the argue between capitalism and socialism. It talks about the problems of the welfare state, and the author speaks to the realities and lessons of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” and our founding fathers’ Libertarianism. This book defends capitalism as strongly as Milton Friedman’s book; “Free to Choose,” and it is quite obvious that this author is quite pro-American, and very pro-capitalist. If you are a liberal-socialist voter you may not like this book, but you definitely need to read it.

If you are a Republican, Libertarian, or own your own business, or already if you just love America, you too will love this book. And I guarantee you recommend it to friends, I have, and I nevertheless do. I hope you’ll please consider this.

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