Ionic Quiz And Image question With Firebase

Ionic Quiz And Image Puzzle With Firebase


Easy to replace with your app just replace with your images information and database . Make Mobile app with few clicks . But must have minimal knowledge of ionic and firebase. You must know how to setup firebase in project.

Login option is only one Facebook login. But we will provide in future update.

Demo before buy :…

  • SplashScreen Page
  • Front Page
  • Quiz Page
  • Category Page
  • question Page
  • Wallet Page
  • Admob Integrated


  • Already Connected With Firestore Database
  • Ease to re-use code
  • Admob Integrated


  • Need a pc with node
  • Ionic framework
  • Android/ios


1) Extract project files

2) simple install node_module by command npm i

3) Ionic Cordova run android –device –prod 

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