Insurance Brokers: How to Generate Insurance Leads Using Direct Mail

Insurance Brokers: How to Generate Insurance Leads Using Direct Mail

Struggling to generate enough leads in your insurance business?

Need to know how to generate insurance leads?

Direct mail is the proven winner. It works. already Google uses direct mail to sell their Google AdWords and other sets.

Here’s a quick look at why direct mail is so powerful and how to use it to generate more insurance leads.

Why Direct Mail Works

No other advertising medium delivers the returns of this kind of advertising. According to recent studies, almost 80% of households either read or examine advertising mail they receive. Plus, direct mail delivers a whooping 13-to1 return on investment, beating newspaper, radio, television, billboard, and email advertising.

already with all the online and social media hype today, direct mail is alive and well.

How to Make Direct Mail Work in Insurance rule Generation

Here a few little things to incorporate in your insurance direct mail campaigns that make a huge difference.

Add Color

Color helps your envelope, postcard, or letter stand out. Color triggers emotions. A neutral color is soothing and specialized. Blues and greens convey calm and stability, which is important in insurance. Red, orange, and yellow signal caution or doubt and should be avoided in your insurance rule generation mailings.

Personal Touch

Insurance is a highly personal, relationship based business. Adding that little personal touch, including the prospects name on the envelop, salutation, and already in the body of your mailing separates you from the crowd. This personal touch makes the reader feel special and begins to build the relationship.

With today’s database software and printing technology, adding personalization contributes your insurance rule generation results.

Make a Clear Offer

This is the secret sauce in how to generate insurance leads. Include one clear, simple, easy to understand offer.

For example:Call for a Free Consultation Today, or Visit for a Free Safe Driver Report.

Make sure your offer stands out. Use Bold or a Larger Font to draw attention to your offer and make sure your phone number is displayed.

Use a First-Class Stamp

A stamped envelope separates your insurance rule generation mailing from other metered junk mail. Using a first-class stamp increases the chances the prospect will open your mailing.

Targeted List

The mailing list you use will determine the success of your campaign. It’s perhaps already more important than what you mail. Before you buy any mailing list, make sure to find out:

  • How was the list was compiled?
  • Is the list data qualified and supplies used to qualify it?
  • How often is the list updated?

Repeat Mailings, Variety, and Testing

You’ll get the best results when you mail a list more than once. Mix up your images and messages. Rotate different mail respond to a variety of personality types. Test different headlines and offers to find out what delivers the best response.

When you want to know how to generate insurance leads, use these proven mail approaches. Direct mail is a strength-packed advertising method that when done right will deliver results.

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