Infidelity Investigation Specialist: How To Hire One

Infidelity Investigation Specialist: How To Hire One

Infidelity is unfortunately, in some relationships there comes a time when there are indisputable signs that a meaningful other has been unfaithful. Conversely, there are also instances in which spouses believe that the slightest show of strange behavior is a sure sign of cheating. In order to alleviate any doubt, many people choose to hire an infidelity investigation specialist. In this article, we will outline the time of action of dealing with your detective.

Step 1 – Begin by asking an attorney or trusted friend for any recommendations. Check out any advertisements listing spousal, martial, or domestic investigations as an area of specialty. Gather a list of possible candidates.

Step 2 – It is important to hire a licensed specialized in order to ensure that any findings are admissible in a court of law, should a case be required down the road. Be sure when contacting candidates to inquire as to their licensing, certifications, and experience level.

Step 3 – You should expect to pay an up front retainer fee which is equal to at the minimum a days work. Many investigators charge between $100 and $200 per hour in addition to any expenses involved in the investigation. While these fees can many times be negotiated, it is a good idea to plan ahead financially.

Step 4 – Provide your hire with as much information pertaining to the specific situation in hopes of minimizing any legwork that you would otherwise end up paying for. Don’t hesitate to offer information regarding your partner’s daily activities and means, including license plate number, job location, or any other pertinent information.

Step 5 – You may consider conducting the investigation during the holiday season. This is a chief time of year, which presents numerous opportunities to catch cheating partners. Supply information pertaining to holiday work activities or social gatherings, particularly those in which you are uninvited.

Step 6 – Inspect all credit card statements, phone activities, and banking records. Pass along any information of interest to the detective. Provide them with any strange phone numbers from your partner’s cell phone log, in addition as any strange behavior.

Step 7 – Make sure to keep in touch with the detective, and position to have regular, detailed reports provided. The investigator should have regular surveillance of your partner. You will also want to have formal reports for any legal battles down the road.

While the time of action of catching infidelity can be quite stressful, time consuming, and costly, it is one that must be taken into consideration if warranted. Trust your gut and hope for the best possible outcome.

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