Industrial Uses of Gold

Industrial Uses of Gold

Our earth is complete of minerals, but none is more useful than gold. Its usefulness is limitless as it contains different special similarities. It is a symbol of strength, purity, beauty, wealth, commerce and accomplishment for people all around the world. Among diversified similarities of gold few are as follows.

Gold is a good conductor of electricity and it does not tarnish. Gold is an easy metal to work with and can be drawn into wire. By hammering it, thin sheets can be formed. Gold alloys along with other metals can be melted and transformed in to any shape. Gold looks pleasant to the eyes as it has a wonderful high colour and marvellous lustre. Gold is an important part of human life; however, its significance for industry is already more important.

Gold is used in the top most important industries of today which include; electronics, dentistry, glass making, medical, computers, aerospace, mobile phones etc. It is useful in the industry because of its resistance to corrosion, its ductility and malleability. Thermal conductivity and infrared reflectivity are other useful similarities of gold, which have made it a vital metal to be used in the shielding of spacecrafts and satellites to protect them from solar radiations.

The history of using gold for dentistry is very old. It is said that in early 700 B.C, Etruscan dentists, were using gold wires to fasten substitute of teeth into the mouths of patients. It is also said that gold was being used to fill cavities; however, there is no proven or archaeological evidence of it. Iron was used for dental filling but gold replaced it because of its excellent performance, aesthetic allurement, and because it is inert and non-allergic. Dentists are more comfortable in working with gold alloys, and in using them for filling and other purposes.

Use of gold in electronics is as important as it is in any other industry. substantial state electronic devices are very easily interrupted by decay or tarnish at their contact points, but gold is very highly efficient as it is resistant to corrosion. You can say that there is no complex electronic device in which gold has not been used. It is used to made connectors, connecting wires, switches, connection strips etc. Some of the devices where gold is used are; televisions, cell phones, calculators, computers etc.

Gold is an efficient conductor, which is used in desktops or laptops for accurate transmission of digital information by data buses on the mother board. These data buses are made of gold. Plug and socket connectors and edge connectors are also made up of gold.

Gold is also used in glassmaking industry to produce pigment. Special glass for situations and climate controlled buildings were also produced by using gold in them. It is also used in the visor of the helmet of an astronaut suit as it reflects solar radiations.

Gold is biologically idle, and this is the reason why it is used in medical research tools. It is used for the treatment of diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, Lagophthalmos etc. The uses of gold are limitless, and it is in the last 2 to 3 decades that gold has been used for the development of different materials as it is a more complex and reliable metal than any other one.

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