Incredible Hulk Parties for Incredible Fun

Incredible Hulk Parties for Incredible Fun

Throw an Incredible Hulk Party for an incredible afternoon. This muscle bound green man is a favorite action star for boys of all ages.

Decorations for an Incredible Hulk Party are quite simple; use greens and blues on everything! Streamers, balloons, cups and plates colored in greens and blues are inexpensive decorations for an Incredible Hulk Party. Extend the green theme to the food by adding green food coloring to every dish! Serve green jell-o, green cupcakes and already green mashed potatoes for terrific green side dish. A store-bought Incredible Hulk cake will be a terrific coordinating centerpiece.

Great party favors for an Incredible Hulk party are green glow sticks. Tell the kids that these are radioactive sticks just like Bruce Banner had before he became the Incredible Hulk. Of course, remind the parents that these are non-toxic lights and that kids should not break open the glow sticks as the glowing goo will be everywhere!

For younger kids a great party game at the Incredible Hulk party is the Incredible Hulk Feats of Strength! Prior to the party blow up several balloons so that all children can play this game. Place a single chair in the center of a room and have each child show their incredible strength by sitting on the balloon to get it to pop! This game will have already the strongest child laughing!

No matter how you throw an Incredible Hulk party it will be a blast. Keep simple themes in mind; green, green, green! Try these incredible tips for your next Incredible Hulk party!

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