Impotency (Viryapata) in Ayurveda

Impotency (Viryapata) in Ayurveda

Loss or deficiency of semen and penile strength and senility is impotency. Excess sex or sex at the wrong times, masturbation, exercise, unsuitable foods, eating an excess of rough, bitter, astringent, salty, sour and hot foods, old age, anxiety, grief, suspicion, fear, anger, exorcism, emaciation from disease, suppression of natural urges, and wounds can rule to the derangement of doshas and tissues. This can reach the semen-carrying channels, causing semen defects. Semen is considered normal when it is oily, viscous, non-slimy, sweet, non-burning, and white.

Some of major causes are

1. Defective Seed: This results from ingesting cold, rough, mixed, incompatible, uncooked or insufficient food, fasting, grief, anxiety, fear, terror, and sexual intercourse. Other causes include exorcism, suspicion, deficient plasma, dosha excesses, exertion, faulty application of pañcha karma, and impaired semen. These conditions are associated with pale complexion, weakness, low vitality, erection difficulty, heart problems, anemia, bronchial asthma, jaundice, exhaustion, vomiting, diarrhea, colic, fever, and cough.

2. Penile Weakness: This results from ingesting excess sour, salty, heavy, incompatible and unsuitable foods, drinking excess water, or overeating pastries. Other causes are irregular meals, meats, excess yogurt or milk, weakness from illness, coitus with a female child, not in vagina, with lust, during menses, or female tract malodor. Further causes include a defective tract, excessive release, chronic illness in women, with animals, not washing the penis, and injured genitals.

3. Senility: Old age often causes reduced semen related to a deficiency of the seven tissues, not using aphrodisiacs, gradual loss of strength, energy, motor and sensory organs; poor nutrition, physical exertion, and mental exhaustion. This results in depleted tissues, debilitation, poor complexion, and poor resistance to disease.

4. Deficiency: From excess mental work, grief, fear, anxiety, envy, curiosity, intoxication, agitation, habitual rough and emaciating diet and herbs, fasting, or insufficient amounts of plasma-foods by ineffective persons. The reduced rasa causes deficiency in other tissues (dhátus). This results in low resistance to disease and can be life-threatening.


1. Dosha Imbalance: Enemas, ghee, semen promoting herbs, such as shatávarí, ashwagandhá, balá, and kapikachhú are suggested.

2. Exorcism: Spiritual measures are used.

3. Impotence: Therapies should be administered in this order: unction, fomentation, and oil purgative (e.g.,castor oil). Next, a proper meal should be eaten. Later non-oil enemas and oil enemas are used. Non-oil enemas include the herbs, musta, patha, gudúchí, balá, punarnavá, mañjisthá, and kapikachu. The best oil enema to use is she goal oil. The elements of goal oil are black pepper, hingu, saffron, and viola (cotton plant seed) herbs with Spanish jasmine oil. A consistent enema containing mastoid herbs is also suggested. Lastly, semenpromoting herbs such as shatávarí, ashwagandhá, balá, and kapikachhú are taken. The oil enema contributes strength. Eating proper foods gives strength and energy. In the same way, oil enemas restore strength and energy to the local area and to the whole body by colon absorption.

4.Loss of penile strength: Anointing the genitals with oil, sprinkling or blood-letting is used. Persons take sesame oil, ghee, castor oil purgatives and enemas, then non-oil enemas. Lastly, se-men-promoting herbs, such as shatávarí, ashwa-gandhá, balá, kapikachhú, and ámalakí are ingested. Senility & Semen Deficiency: Therapies include unction and fomentation, oil purgatives and enemas. This is followed with ghee and semen promoting herbs, such as shatávarí, ashwagandhá, balá, kapikachhú, guggul, shilájit, and sesame or castor oil enemas.

5. Váyu (Deficient semen): Therapies include ghee, sesame seeds, almonds, cooked garlic and onions; semen-promoting herbs, such as shatávarí, ashwagandhá, balá, kapikachhú, ámalakí, guggul, and shilájit.

6. Pitta (Burning semen): Herbs include aloe vera gel, shatávarí, ámalakí, milk, sugar, and ghee.

7. Kapha (Loss of interest in sex, obesity, excess mucus, desiring sugar as a replace sex): Herbs include pippalí, garlic, cloves, trikatu, guggul, and shilájit.

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