Importance of Site Speed in New Internet World

Importance of Site Speed in New Internet World

New world in internet has come

Now the companies has to pay for good hosting and also need to take care of their pages load time and response to search engine queries and crawlers.
Google has started taking Web site speed and performance as major factor in rankings. Rankings will now depend on how the site loads or page respond to Google bot and other crawlers.

Google has included it as one of the factor in giving organic rankings along with other factors. Although it will not have a major impact on sites rankings for now. But in near future all sites need to pass this test to rank well in major search engines.

There are some tools obtainable that help us to check the site speed so that we can see how our site is performing as compared to other sites and we can optimize the site.

You can check the site by Google site speed tool at: or by Yahoo speed checker at:

There are various other tools also obtainable like: & iwebtool

In Google webmaster tools you can also check performance of your site over a period of time. As now Google has officially announced site speed to be part of its ranking algorithm, it is important for all website owners and webmasters to keep an eye on their site speed and how the respond to search queries.

The search is now becoming more competitive so get ready for the big fight now.

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