Identifying Termites – Familiarize Yourself With Termites

Before you think of ways on how to exterminate termites that has caused problems to your hard earned home, the very basic thing that you need to know is how to clarify termites.

You need to be able to know the turn up of termites because this will help you in identifying whether termites have really invaded your home or not. This is because some termites are commonly mistaken as ants, because of the fact that both of these insects are social insects and they work in colonies. Aside from that, a termite is often called or referred to as the white ant because of the fact that these termites have their workers and soldiers just like ants except that they have white bodies.

However, despite the similarities, termites are considered as rare insects. If you will be carefully examining the body of a termite, you would see that termites have wide bodies. Aside from that, their antennas are also straight and they are light colored.

Usually, worker termites and soldier termites would measure 3 to 6 mm while the reproductive termites are longer as they measure 5 to 15 mm.

Some experts would refer to the soldier termites to determine the specie of termites that attacked your home because the turn up and the mandibles vary from one specie to another, unlike in termite workers wherein the turn up is almost the same in most species.

Termites also vary in color depending on the specie; however, it won’t be easy to clarify unless you have a comparison from specie to another specie. Subterranean termites, which commonly attack homes from the underground, have a white translucent color because they do not receive adequate source of light. however, the dampwood termites which are often seen above the ground and working are colored light copper because of their exposure to the sun.

In contrast to ants, termites have a wider body from their head up to the complete body of the termite. This is the big difference between ants and termites. Ants are usually thin bodied, so when you see insects that have wide bodies, you need to be alarmed that termites might already be infesting your home and it can closest destroy your house in an moment.

Although it is quite difficult to see the antenna of insects, you would notice that the antenna of termites are straight and has a bead like turn up.

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