How to Keep Memory Foam Mattresses Squeaky Clean

How to Keep Memory Foam Mattresses Squeaky Clean

A memory foam mattress is very different compared to a traditional mattress. But like any other mattress, a memory foam mattress needs to be well-kept in order for it to have a long life span. You must be able to learn the ways to clean your mattress properly, saving you money from buying another one just because you don’t have the knowledge and capacity to continue it.

How do you keep your memory foam mattress clean? Here are a few tips you could use:

  • Gather the cleaning materials for the mattress. This method that you need detergents, white vinegar, a garden hose and a whole lot of water. Since washing a mattress is pretty much equivalent to going to the gym, it also requires some sort of manpower unless you have the physical capacity to do it alone. If it’s just too much for you, ask for a family general clean-up. That should be able to give you some relief.
  • If you will be working on a lawn, you will need the help of a tarp that would serve as the platform for your mattress. Simply putting it on the grass or on the ground would resolve to a dirty mattress. So make sure that you have a tarp that’s clean and would be able to sustain the size of your memory foam mattress.
  • To start cleaning the mattress, mix the proper amount of detergent with a bucketful of water. You could use either a spray or just have a washcloth and dab it on to the mattress. Spray the mixed cleaning substance onto the mattress, making sure that you’ve gotten all stains, spots, side and corners of the mattress. Remember that the bed is important and should always be kept neat. It’s so easy to have termites on your mattress so make sure that you clean it as obsessive compulsively as you possibly can.
  • When taking out unwanted stains (maybe you accidentally spilled ketchup on your memory foam mattress) or foul smell (maybe your child accidentally peed all over the mattress while sleeping), vinegar is the best way to combat these. Mix a teaspoon of vinegar with water and shake. Using another spray bottle, you can spray onto stains without compromising the material of your mattress.
  • When trying to squeeze out the remaining water in the mattress, you can try stepping (with clean feet please) on the memory foam mattress. You can also try folding the mattress in two and push out the water from the foam. Leave the mattress out in the sun for a day and by night, you’ll have a squeaky clean mattress again.

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