How To Get Rid of Gophers: Environmentally Friendly Methods

How To Get Rid of Gophers: Environmentally Friendly Methods

Although gophers (also known as woodchucks) may seem like very cute fluffy animals, a large population of those can immediately devastate your lawn and ruin the picturesque garden setting. That is why it is important to act as soon as you notice the first mounds of dirt and grass appearing in your yard. First of all, you need to clarify the rodent: probe the tunnels and mound form to confirm that you do have gophers (different rodents have their distinctive mound forms). In case you do, find out the gopher eliminating approach that will work best for you and your garden. So, you may to try one of the touted fast acting chemical solutions or apply one of the more humane and environmentally friendly method which we are going to describe below.

Noise Attack

Gophers are very sensitive to any changes in their habitat. These small invaders can be easily scared away from your garden with noise: simply put moving or noisy objects (you can buy these in specialized stores) around the perimeter of your garden, near the holes and throughout the yard. The more intimidating these devices are, the better the results.

The All-Natural Way

Gophers are exceptionally afraid of barn owls as they are their major predators. So, if this bird lives in your vicinity you can set a barn owl box in your garden to attract them.

Natural Repellents

Gophers are also very sensitive to any odors: apply one of these substances to make your garden unattractive to gophers:

  • Cat litter: spread used cat litter around the rodents’ holes. The smell of ammonia is very unpleasant to these fluffy invaders, and it can encourage them move to another place. Use as much of it, as possible to get the best results. In some time it will break down.
  • Cyan pepper powder: spray it into the gophers holes. Try to get as thorough as possible.
  • Castor oil granules: it is applied by distributing into the tunnels.

If none of these substances is effective, do not give up: try several approaches and you will definitely find the best one.

Gopher Traps

One more ecologically friendly way to eliminate woodchucks from your yard is to set traps. There exist two major trap types: killing and safe. Be sure you select safe ones (when retained the rodent is released into the wild far from your place). If you are on a budget you can produce makeshift traps yourself (use old cans or boxes etc.).

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