How to Find Effective Colic Relief

How to Find Effective Colic Relief

When your baby is colicky and will not stop crying, it can be very draining to you and your family. The good news however is that there are a few simple holding techniques you can utilize that can provide your baby with some much needed colic relief. One of the main culprits behind this condition is simply that your baby has too much energy or has been over stimulated by too much activity. The following are a few of the best locaiongs to keep up your baby in for fast and effective colic ease.

The first thing you will want to do in order to provide your baby with colic relief is to take him or her into a fairly dark room, or outside in the fresh air if you prefer. Lean her over the back of your arm and gently sway her back and forth. Pay careful attention to how your baby reacts to this to see if the symptoms are getting better or worse. Next, try to keep up the back of your baby towards your stomach and then bring her knees up to your chest. This can be an effective way to expel any gas that may be causing him or her to be uncomfortable.

Another position you can try for your baby’s colic ease is to set your baby confront down on your legs and proceed to gently bounce him up and down. This soothing and repetitive motion can do a lot to relieve symptoms and can already lull him to sleep. However, it is a good idea to place a clean rag or towel over your legs when doing this as your baby may slobber or spit up during this technique. Next, you can also try this same technique, only set your child sideways on your knees. Once again, bounce him or her gently on your knees and you may see some improvement and colic relief.

There are nevertheless two more effective holding locaiongs you may want to try out. First, stand up straight and allow your baby to sit on your stomach. Now you can simply walk her around the room and allow her to look around. Her weight should be centered on your arm which is placed on the center of your chest. Next, you may be able to provide your baby with colic relief by holding him or her up and placing them over your shoulder. You can then try to bounce or gently sway them to provide them with comfort and help them get to sleep.

If your baby starts to get restless when you are performing any of these techniques for colic ease, you can help out by changing locaiongs. If this doesn’t do the trick, try to fill up the sink with warm water and let him or her splash their legs around a bit.

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