How to Deal With the CAC Collection Agency

Commercial Acceptance Company (CAC) is a collection agency which helps creditors in recovery of debts, where creditors are unsuccessful to collect from consumers. Whenever you come across CAC collection agency coming after you for the recovery of unpaid debts that method your creditor has passed debts to CAC.

If you are not sure about the ownership of debts then simply ask collection agency for validation. If collection agency would fail to prove your ownership of debts then you are not supposed to pay them because Commercial Acceptance Collection was unable to provide you any proofs that you are the actual owner of debts. On the other end, if they validate your debts then you may negotiate on settlement or payment agreements.

You also need to check Statute of Limitations (SOL) to verify whether it is expired or not. If Statute of Limitations has expired then urge CAC not to contact you in this regard as you are well aware of the matter and dealing with it yourself. But alternatively where you find SOL nevertheless valid then you may start negotiations about settlement.

You could also try to bring Commercial Acceptance Company on pay for delete agreement. If CAC would become agreed then it would remove the debt account from your credit report and in return you would pay them in complete all remaining amounts. Always urge creditors for written agreement to acquire proofs of your agreement prior to pay them anything. Once negative items are removed from your credit report then your credit score would start to get better.

In situations where you find it hard to deal with Commercial Acceptance Company then taking the sets of credit repair firm is a desirable pick to get rid of CAC. There are plenty of credit repair agencies which would be glad to assist you in dealing with collection agency. Try to choose the credit repair firm which is reliable and trustworthy.

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