How SMS Communication Has Changed the Way We Talk?

How SMS Communication Has Changed the Way We Talk?

The short messaging service or SMS was introduced more than two decades ago. However, in the initial phase only computers could send SMS. Over a period of time, the experts figured out a way for mobile to send texts and so SMS began the new age tool for communication. It was a boon to be able to kind your message and send it to the person concerned in a matter of few minutes. In fact, the SMS as you know it today is responsible to familiarize us with the basics of mobile chatting across the various platforms that we are using presently.

For those of you, who find it hard to believe, here is how SMS changed the way we communicate

More space for small talk

SMS started in an era wherein a phone call was expensive. But, with the passage of time SMS grew to become one of the cheapest ways to communicate and everyone found it really interesting to do more small talk over messages. Suddenly, you were more connected and there was no need to use money on a call in addition. The trend continues already today and we have our own chat groups across different platforms where we stay more connected with our friends and family due to such small talk.

Better written communication

Believe it or not, SMS or text messaging has also improved your understanding of the language. After all, when you are typing, you are more aware of the words that are carrying your thoughts. We may have produced an SMS lingo but that is only acronyms and does not compromise over the understanding of the language.

People are connected already when making a call is not allowed

Imagine a situation when you are in an important meeting and answering mobile phone is not permitted. Now, already in such situations, there may be an urgency that has to be conveyed to you. If people cant call you, how will the news of the urgency reach you? SMS or short messaging service is the answer to this problem.

Additionally, there are no clear rules that dont allow you to accept a text. You can quickly read the message, analyze the urgency of the situation and proceed consequently.

Networking is easier

It is a daunting task to call people and establish a network. However, sending SMSs can simplify this challenge to quite an extent. You can broadcast the message to multiple groups at the same time and also pre-schedule the time of messaging. This way you stay connected with people without having to use hours calling each and every one of them. Amazing, isnt it?

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