How Inexperienced or Unscrupulous Psychics and Mediums Can Mislead a S…

How Inexperienced or Unscrupulous Psychics and Mediums Can Mislead a S…

Many sitters tend to get very excited and are extremely impressed with the ability of an accurate psychic/medium who is able to pick up information surrounding the sitters, their past and present situations and also their loved ones in the Spirit World. This response to accurate evidence, and the trust building that it supports, while welcome can easily become misused or abused by an unscrupulous medium. The trust that a sitter develops with their medium over issues of the Spirit World, which the uninitiated are unfamiliar or inexperienced with, makes them unprotected to statements and opinions of the psychic/medium that go beyond appropriate decorum and their specialized skill. The sitter who wholeheartedly believes at all event the medium/psychic tells them about their future can be unprotected to an unscrupulous mediums personal prejudices and egotistical pronouncements.

It is true that a very competent medium is sometimes able to receive information about the sitters future from the Spirit World. However, an inexperienced or unscrupulous medium, sensing the sitters vulnerability and their willingness to believe at all event they say, may decide to make up forecasts regarding the sitters future already though they have not received information from the Spirits. They may do this in order to keep the sitter impressed with their skill. An unscrupulous medium may fib or embellish over what information and the kind of contact they are capable of making. They may already go as far as claiming they are linking with the sitters deceased loved ones and giving the impression that they are in contact with the Spirit World.

Psychics and Mediums are naturally good observers and they can use that particular skill to get clues and fish for information by observing peoples responses and body language. In addition to observing body language and responses, psychics and mediums can get cues about their sitters by tuning into to their sitters aura. They can pick up information about the sitters deceased loved ones, for example, their names, personality, shared memories, etc., without truly connecting with spirits in the spirit world. However, uninformed sitters being impressed by this characterize, would naturally assume that the psychic/medium is in contact with their deceased loved ones in the spirit world.

This misleading or deceptiveness is not only unfair to the sitter, but is damaging to the profession and to other mediums.

As a medium myself, Im very keen to observe how other specialized mediums work with the spirit world, and have been fortunate enough to have had quite a few sittings with proficient and principled mediums. Nevertheless, before I came into spiritualism I had several readings from some famous psychics and had had unpleasant experiences. One devious and dodgy tactic used was that they would closest ask questions about my life situation and from what I said they would draw conclusions about my future life. They said, for example, that I would get divorced within one year which didnt happen. One such psychic asked if I had an older man in the spirit world which I responded in the affirmative, while letting the psychic know that my father-in-law is in the spirit world. The psychic went on to say that my father in-law was in a held-up place because he wants to come back to earth so badly, and that he wouldnt listen to his guides in the spirit world – something I believed at the time. This kind of information can give stress instead of comfort to a sitter and certainly goes against the one of the purposes of mediumship, which is to give comfort and healing to the bereaved.

The bottom line is that the psychic or medium is there to bring healing to their sitters instead of harming and misleading the unprotected. Unfortunately there are those psychics and mediums who choose to practice an unethical form of mediumship and psychic readings whether with or without their conscious awareness.

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