How Can I Upgrade My Web Site From a Free great number to A Paid and Safer Sol…

How Can I Upgrade My Web Site From a Free great number to A Paid and Safer Sol…

I am aware that many people who are adventurous and create their first website may do so using a free service. There are countless free sets obtainable, but I will concentrate on the two sets I am most familiar with and which are very popular in addition.

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Whilst many people are happy with these free sets, I nevertheless recommend that you change to a paid service, to ensure the safety of your sites. This will average you are not at the mercy of a large company taking your site offline if they decide for any reason that your site is no longer appropriate or fits into their policy profile. To do this, you need to do several things:

  1. Get a domain name
  2. Register with a hosting company
  3. Copy your data from your original site and upload to your new site.

At this stage, you may choose to leave your old site up and have a link placed on it to your new site, as you may in addition assistance from the original site’s age value where it may already have a place in the search engines. This way, you are benefiting from your original work, while building and maintaining your new site.

Domain Name

There are many companies out there to get a domain name from. One company I can recommend as I have used them with no problem is The cost of domain names is typically around ten dollars or so a year, and they will allow you to forward your domain name to any great number, in addition as create email addresses for your new domain. These can be forwarded to your existing provider. All of these are very useful sets. Please observe I am not associated with this company in any way other than as a happy client.

Register Your Hosting account

I always recommend using another company for your hosting so that if one goes out of business, they will not take your domain name with them. It is important to use a reliable great number as if they are offline, your website won’t work. You also want one with twenty four hour sustain if you ever have a problem. There is nothing worse than your site going down, and not being able to talk to someone about technical sustain when you need it. I use a number of hosting companies and is one of the best in the business.

Once you have registered with your new hosting company, they will send you an email with information including details about your log in details in addition as name server information. You will need to go back to your domain name company, and log and amend the data so that your domain name points to the new name servers you have been provided from your great number. I know this may sound like a foreign language to a new person, but the navigation on most domain websites is quite good. Again, a good company will have a telephone sustain line if you really get stuck.

Once all the above is set up, allow up to forty eight hours for it all to propagate the net. This method your changes that you have set up may take a day or two to fully work. Once this time has elapsed, you can log into your new great number account and create a information press blog. Again, the better hosting companies will have a control panel that makes this easy.

move and Create Your New Site

As all companies may be slightly different, it would be best to advise that you call their technical help line of you are unsure of the next move. However, if you have managed to navigate the above steps with little problem, you will then be able to log into your new blog that you create and choose the themes and colours of your choice. This is where you can become more creative. Remember you now own the site and domain, so no one will be likely to close it and as long as your great number is a reliable company, you are set.

The hard work now starts where you can either copy or better nevertheless, update your content to newer and fresher material. This will ultimately work well for you as the search engines like new material.

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