How a Home Inspection Report Can Uncover Major Problem and Be Money We…

How a Home Inspection Report Can Uncover Major Problem and Be Money We…

Purchasing a Home Inspection Report can be well worth the cost when purchasing real estate. A home inspector can locate and clarify costly problems that a buyer will need to be aware of before committing to the buy.

A number of possible problem areas could be covered in the report including: Foundations, doors and windows, electrical wiring, walls, ceiling, roofing, pests and termites etc. Some of these areas could shelter major problems that only an experienced specialized with the right equipment will identify. Dampness is a good example. The following for areas are also likely to be inspected for faults:

1. Fireplace and Chimney

If the house has a fireplace and chimney then it will probably be mentioned in the home inspection report. The report might highlight the need for repairs if the masonry cap is cracked or broken, or if any bricks or mortar is crumbling or missing, or if the chimney is showing any signs of leaning or already collapsing. Chimneys should also be checked for obstruction.

2. Water Heater Strapping

When a home is sold, the water heater must be strapped to prevent it from falling down in an earthquake and starting a fire. You may need to check that the strapping technique used on your water heater complies with the current code in your area. Also check for rust or leaking around hot water heater.

3. Heater Air Intake

If your heater is in the garage, it sits on a platform and takes in air from the house by that platform. Check your local regulations, because you will probably find that this platform must not have any holes in it. Depending on where you live in the world, the rules will probably require that the heater be sealed where it sits on the platform. This is so that no air from the garage can get into the furnace, causing a carbon monoxide danger.

4. Furnace

Make sure thermostat is operational and check venting.

5. Self Closing Door Connecting the Garage.

In many countries the regulations require that a door from the garage to the house needs to have self-closing hinges to preserve the integrity of the firewall. The hinge is designed to ensure that the door will shut and latch automatically. It is true that people often wedge this door open to make it easy to get in and out of the garage, but this can be a fire danger. Fires often start in a garage, so without a self-closing door, a fire could spread quickly into the house.

A home inspection report can have a big part to play in any real estate transaction. It could impact on mortgage financing, delay the sale, lose you the sale, or affect your final selling price or terms of sale. This is a guide only so always seek specialized advice from a home inspector in your area.

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