Hosting a Tea Party on Mother’s Day – Here Are Some Mother’s Day Tea P…

Hosting a Tea Party on Mother’s Day – Here Are Some Mother’s Day Tea P…

Are you hosting a tea party for your mom? To honor that very important person in our lives, you want to make her smile and warm her heart. You will no doubt find your own heart swelling with warmth in the time of action. It may be you and your mom, or it may include generational moms. Its not uncommon to see great grandmother, grandmother, mother and daughter enjoying this celebration together.

I cant think of a better activity than a walk down memory lane. Get out your photo album or a box of photos if you dont have one. Ask the others to bring theirs in addition. Some of them may be pretty old and the youngest among you may not know some relatives in the pictures. This is a good time to tell the story of your family history and let the young ones get to know where they came from.

Looking at old pictures always prompts someone to remember when they enjoyed something they did. Let them talk about where they did it and who was with them. It may surprise a great granddaughter to find out that her great grandmother was the first girl to be on an all boy baseball team at her high school.

In my family seeing the hair styles the women were wearing way back when always brings moans and groans. Ditto for the clothing they were wearing in addition. Pictures of parties attended, family weddings, picnics, family vacations and trips to entertainment parks can start a fit of laughter that wont stop for a while.

One of our favorite family memories is from a family vacation when my nephew opened the condo door and walked over and opened the refrigerator to get a drink when he realized he was in the wrong condo. The people inside just stared at him and they all burst out laughing. TIP: Lock your doors

A tear or two may be discarded when you see a photo of one that is no longer with you, but this is however another opportunity to remember them with laughter and love. You will no doubt start counting all the things you and your family have to be thankful for.

Hosting a tea party method finding tea party food

Tea parties are known for their bite sized foods, like tea sandwiches, small tea cakes, and cookies. Fresh fruit is always welcome and small fruit tarts. Small pieces of fudge or candy will be loved by someone there. Providing both fruit and candy should satisfy both the health conscience and the sweet tooth.

Remember to provide some foods that great grandmother can easily eat by finding out if she has any dietary restrictions she must follow. If she is unable to get out bring the tea party to her.

The tea itself may be a hot English Earl Grey an iced Passion Fruit, or anything in between. If you have a tiny generational person a Rooibos tea is a good caffeine free choice.

Try the tea sandwich spread below:

Almond bacon cheese spread

8 ounces of cream cheese softened 2 Tablespoons toasted almonds 2 slices crispy fried bacon 1 small onion cubed 1/4 tsp Worcestershire sauce.

Add elements in a food processor and blend well. Chill well.

Make Mothers Day a special event by hosting a tea party to be remembered.

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