Hetrotech Exam Portal – Examination Website Script

Hetrotech Exam Portal – Examination Website Script


Hetortech Online Portal is an Examination Website that allows you conduct exams globally with a wide variety of functionality. This program allow candidates to confront the issues(or scenario of examination) before their actual examination.

This is a simulation of Online Examination. Where Candidate Give their exams as they give at Exam center. This program is focused to provide the actual examination ecosystem. This basically mimics the behavior of Online Exam scenarios based in India. But it does not guarantee that candidate will confront the same ecosystem at exam center. There may be uncompletely or fully different platform at actual exam center. This program is to aware the candidates and prepare them before their actual online exam and to make them understand how online exams are conducted.

This website is based on basic PHP and Javascript technology.

This website provides two ways to interact

·         One is Admin Panel

·         Other is User Panel

This website has a powerful  paper editor that allow Owner to edit exam at any time in addition as Owner can activate and deactivate paper at any time.

This is Semi Responsive website with great functionality and performance tested. This contains Dashboard for admin in addition as User Panel for users.

*** observe *** You would also get updates and sustain for this program as you buy it from our official website HetroTech.



            * Semi Responsive Bootstrap Layout.

            * Flexible User Interface.

            * sustain of Powerful TinyMCE HTML Editor.

            * Easy to Modify.

            * SQL Injection Prevention.

            * Modular Source Code.

            * How To Help Guides for User and Admin.

            * Faster Response.

            * obtain Database Connectivity.

            * Easily Manageable Code.

            * Compatible to all latest browser (Chrome,FireFox,etc.)

            * Easy to setup just extract and enjoy.

            * PHP PDO sustain.

            * Virtual Keyboard sustain for users.

            * Actual Examination Simulation.

            * Easy to integrate other modules.

            * Easy to update other functionalities.

This website has a lot of features for users in addition as Admin or Owner:

Admin Features:-

·         Admin has a pretty dashboard or control panel to control their users and activities.

·         Admin can add as many as possible numbers of categories of papers.

·         Admin can select any category from obtainable categories or add new if required and create exam paper based on these categories.

·         Admin can decide the number of question in a paper but it will automatically update if admin requires less or more number of questions at any stage of editing the paper.

·         Admin can decide exam time duration.

·         Admin can analyze and edit paper at any time.

·         Admin can analyze users activity.

·         Admin can block and unblock users in addition as admins.

·         Admin can activate, deactivate papers, user, and user courses.

·         Admin can add users, admins, papers, courses.

User Features:-

·         The user can login using their credentials.

·         The user can take exams and view results.

·         The user can check their profile information.

The user can have these options obtainable during exams save, mark, clear, mark and answer, select by category, select by question palette, and a lot of other features.


  • PHP 5.6 or above 
  • Latest mysql installed on server
  • phpMyAdmin to access and control database
  • Javascript enabled
  • Required space in database in addition as Server to create database and tables and to store web pages on webserver.



 open includes >> config.php :-

                                Replace DBUSER => with your Database User name

                                Replace DBPASS => with your Database User password

                                now open “DB.sql” and copy its content and paste in SQL tab in phpmyadmin                                     and execute it.

                                                Username : Hetrotech

                                                Password : default

Block it after you have additional new admin. To add new admin go to -> Add Tab(of admin dashboard) >> Admins(of Add Tab), Add admin details here and click on ADD ADMIN button. A popup will occur saying Admin has additional Successfully

 To Block or review admin go to “View >> Admins”


open includes >> sitedetails.php:-

                                Replace Your Website details with default details;

 Please change the details of help.html file inside “notes/help.html” & “notes/user/help.html” as you want.

·         Block it after you have additional new admin. To add new admin go to -> Add Tab(of admin dashboard) >> Admins(of Add Tab), Add admin details here and click on ADD ADMIN button. A popup will occur saying Admin has additional Successfully.

·          To Block or review admin go to “View >> Admins”

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