Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: A dramatical change in Fantasy Movies

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: A dramatical change in Fantasy Movies

A bearded man named professor Dumbledore with his cat comes in the middle of the night. He turns all the street lams off. The cat then turns into Ms. McGonigle. Both professors are then met by by another bearded man, Rubeus. They leave a baby on a doorstep named Harry Potter. They know that he would be too famous in their land. In hopes of letting him have a normal childhood he is temporarily left behind.

Sadly, he is given to his aunt and uncle who looks at him as a third wheel. He brings them breakfast. A younger child is upset that he only got thirty six presents and is taken out to find more presents. One day a letter is made out to Harry. His father refuses to let him read it. The next day there are a bunch of letters delivered by owls. They decide to move. On his eleventh birthday, Rubeus visits him and tells him that Harry is really a Wizard. He then prepares him for wizard school at Hogwarts by taking him to an underground market. There he learns that he is famous. He goes to the bank and makes a withdrawal and finds that his parents left him a lot of money. He then buys his phoenix wand. One just like it was used by Voldemort to give him the z shaped scar on his forehead, which is why he is famous. He is the only one who survived what Voldemort did in the past. He also gets a white owl as a pet.

He rides the aim to Hogwarts and makes friends with a redheaded boy, Ronald and a girl, Hermonie. All three are put on the team Griffindor. They learn to ride brooms, make spells, and use magic wands. At one point, a troll runs around in Hogwarts, but Harry and Ron save the day.

For Christmas, Harry is given his father’s invisibility cloak. He and Ron use it to go to the restricted section in the library to look up a name. It is a person who has information about a secret that some dogs are guarding. Another professor is trying to steal it. In order to find out what the professor is after, he must find this person. They find out that he is the only maker of the sorcerer’s stone, which is what the dogs are guarding. However, Rubeus accidentally tells Voldemort that to put the dog to sleep, play it a song. They go to check on the stone and there is a harp playing. The stone is gone. Now it is up to them to get it back. Will they defeat Voldemort or will they be among the countless others who are defeated? Watch and find out.

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