Global Deaths Cross 5 Million

Covid19 : Global deaths cross 5 million

While it took just over a year for the Covid-19 death toll to hit 2.5 million, the next 2.5 million deaths were recorded in just under eight months, according to an examination.

An average of 8000 deaths were reported daily across the world over the last week, or around five deaths every minute. However, the global death rate has been slowing in recent weeks.

With unvaccinated people particularly exposed to the virulent Delta strain, the variant has exposed the wide disparities in vaccination rates between high and poor nations, and the upshot of vaccine hesitancy in some western nations.

India, which is one of the first countries affected by the Delta variant, has gone from an average of 4,000 deaths a day to less than 300 as its vaccination campaign is rolled out.

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