Get Motley Crue Tickets to Rock it Out

Get Motley Crue Tickets to Rock it Out

Motley Crue tickets for their latest tour are setting record sales much to the delight of the band members. Saints of Los Angeles may be a tongue in cheek description of these hard living rockers, but it is an apt description of their music and songs according to many of their fans. Audiences on the touring schedule are already gearing up to listen to hits like “Shout at the Devil” and “Girls, Girls, Girls”. The group’s reputation, concerts, and actions during the 80s entrenched them as one of the top hard rock/metal bands and they are set to prove that they have lost none of their edge and showmanship of the past.

A Rear View of Motley Crue – The Early Years

The band truly began during 1981 when Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee decided to pool their talents. They additional Mick Mars on guitar and for vocal strength, they chose the awesome and talented Vince Neil. The new name for the group was a suggestion of Mick Mars who recalled how one of the earlier bands he played with was said to be a rather motley looking crew of musicians. During their early gigs, the newly christened Motley Crue became legends and won enormous acclaim for fans who witnessed their frequently bizarre and bold stage performances.

During the 80s, the band members were frequent guests of the court system but their legal woes and altercations only served to add to their allure and mystique during these rocker years. “Looks that Kill” was one of their hit singles and videos, and “Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room” was a top 40 success. Their release, “Theatre of Pain” solidified the band as true stars in the recording business. The first MTV hit for Motley Crue was their music video, “Home Sweet Home”. This powerful ballad became a fan favorite for over 4 months. Drugs and alcohol became a problem for all of the members of this talented group and they ended up in rehab during the late 80s but once they cleaned up the music once again was on the move. In 1989, their success included “Dr Feelgood”, “Don’t Go Away Mad”, “Kickstart My Heart”, and “Without You”.

Their 1991 release “Decade of Decadence” could well have served as the group’s own biographical title and the album hit the charts in the number 2 position. The 90s became a time of turmoil for the group and Tommy Lee exited the group and produced another band known as Methods of Mayhem. Sixx had another group in addition, “Brides of Destruction.” by it all, the talent and excursion of the Motley Crue members remained intact, already though specialized and personal problems seemed to stay on the front burners.

Reclaiming their title as Titans of Rock

By the year 2003, there were loud rumblings and rumors about a possible reunion and tour by the group’s original members. These were at first vigorously discounted, especially by Tommy Lee, but the group worked out their differences and announced they would begin touring in 2005.

This was great news to fans who welcomed the chance to buy Motley Crue tickets and albums once again. The release of “Red, White and Crue” is the band’s way of letting the world know that the boys are definitely back in town and ready to party already harder than before. The Saints of Los Angeles tour is destined to not only attract the old, loyal fan base but bring them an thoroughly new group of converts in addition.

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