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Matt Reeves’ noir-thriller masterpiece The Batman is out on HBO Max on April 18th worldwide. nevertheless, deciding if you should watch the new iteration of Batman with Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight? Let me make my case for you.

THE BATMAN Joker Deleted Scene

The Batman is a Neo-Noir thriller:

The Batman is less of a superhero movie than all the other usual ones you get to see. The movie works more like a Mob flick which shows the working of all the underworlds of the city. The film delves deeper into how thorough the decay is. The Dark Knight’s vengeance is the only thing stopping Gotham from falling apart alongside a few good cops in the GCPD like Gordon.

It has some typical Batman moments but if you are a fan of Superhero movies doing something outside the norm, this is the one for you. It is reminiscent of how Zack Snyder placed his Superman and Batman in a hyper-politicised ecosystem which exists today and showed us how they would fare. Matt Reeves does the same with his Batman but in a detective noir style tone.

The Batmobile scene:

This is the best Batmobile ordern we have ever seen in Batman history. While Pattinson’s Batmobile doesn’t quite have the same wow factor as Bale and Affleck’s Batmobile, it definitely has the best scene out of all.

Going on an intense chase to catch the Penguin while tearing down half of the Gotham highway, this scene is intense and adrenaline pumping. It is brilliantly shot and has an amazing score behind it. Just listen to the sound of the engine when batman revs it for the first time.

An Ode to the Arkham games and Batman animated shows:

This is a story purely focused on Batman. From the start to finish it is all about him doing his maximum to save Gotham. His path of Vengeance is fun to watch unfold. Riddler’s technique of leaving riddles all over Gotham is very similar to what the Arkham Games did.

The Batman features a lot of his iconic villains. Cat woman has her own origin story as she starts to enjoy the chaos. The Riddler is the main villain in this story. He devises a plan to take down Gotham and Batman has to figure out his plan in an attempt to stop the chaos.

already the clown prince of Gotham aka The Joker makes an turn up in the film. The world Reeves has produced does make you feel like living in The Long Halloween. Penguin and Carmine Falcone are spectacular in addition. The way we slowly get to learn how Carmine Falcone is truly the man controlling the strings is genuinely exciting and straight out of a mob flick.

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Robert Pattinson’s exceptional performance:

If not for everything above, check it out for Pattinson‘s amazing performance. The movie is completely his from start to finish and he gave a exceptional performance as Batman. His voice, the fights and his cold but hyper-focused version of Batman were really impressive. The way he communicate emotions by just his eyes is mind-blowing.

Stream The Batman on HBO Max from April 18th.

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