Fix The Energy Crisis At Home

Fix The Energy Crisis At Home

When we are told about the rises prices in the shops it is blamed on the rising cost of energy. We think that this is due to the rising cost of oil but in reality it is a lot more serious as it is other supplies of energy that has also becoming more difficult to come by. It is not just the supply but also the need from around the world. Around Europe, old coal strength stations are being closed early to obey the European law reducing emissions. The World’s gas stocks are being bought up by Japan as it closes it nuclear strength stations. Soon first world countries will start experiencing from third world brown outs. If that does not happen the prices of our energy will sky rocket as the energy companies rightly or wrongly increase their prices.

* Why Have We A Problem.

except living on a planet with finite resources. (A subject covered by many more worthy than me.) the issue highlighted in the U.K. in 2013 the strength production was reduced as a consequence of European regulation. The older and more polluting coal fired strength stations are being closed. Due to the economic slowdown and not enough planning by our politicians, this is happening before alternatives come on stream. different Nuclear and Wind generating plants are nevertheless in the early stages of development.. In addition gas supplies will need to be purchased on the international markets instead of locally just as Japan is massively importing gas to replace their closed nuclear strength stations.

What is likely to occur if the supply companies massively increase the prices. If you think the last few years were bad, the next few will be already worse and as the world ultimately pulls its self out of recession, so need and consequently prices will rise again and again.

* What Can We Do?

We must firstly be more careful about what strength we use. Protecting our homes from heat loss by insulating them, turn off unused lights and appliances, turn down the heating and use a jumper (our grandparents did), get an electronic meter to measure our electricity usage and take more of an interest into where our strength comes from..

An important option is to start generating our own energy. Generating electricity is one such possibility. Governments will slowly reduce and stop the subsidies.) This will average we will have to get smarter as to how we approach generating our own electricity.

There are lots of schemes and companies around that are offering solar panel installation and the costs of them are high. Anything from USD 15,000 to USD 75,000 is not uncommon for the average domestic solar range installation. It is assumed that the average Joe/Joan can’t Do It Them Selves.

It is of course perfectly possible for an average house holder to build their own solar panel and consequently take out one of the more expensive elements of home electricity generation.

As with many things there are plus points and minus points about building your own solar panels. It must also be remembered that in most of the western world that governments offer subsidies to the householder for solar strength micro generation and money can also be made by selling energy back to the utility companies. Remember, however, to ensure that solar panels are fitted in accordance with local safety rules. However it may be possible to turn this in to a positive as once you have been by this ‘How to Make A Solar Panel’ project yourself you will be able to continue using this skill for your friends, neighbours and planet as a whole.

* How Much?

If you make the solar panels yourself they could cost as little as USD 200 (GBP 130) and it will take a few for the average home to ‘go off the grid’ in fact in some countries that may not be possible as there may not be enough sun light to do this – but solar is a useful bit of many systems to reach the end goal (As it is with me in the U.K.)

The main well known suppliers rely on the fact that electric solar panels are perceived to be difficult to make but solar panel prices are as high as they are because the consumer is willing to pay them, slightly because they don’t understand what is involved to manufacture them. You may be reading this because you are either interested in that question or you want to get started. Knowing how to make solar panels and about the technology will help you make up your mind about whether it is for you or not..

Upon finding out those costs and complete details you can then either pursue the DIY path (bearing in mind local safety legalisation) or you could go into partnership with a local certified electrician armed with all the facts and can play a complete part in the project management of the project. This will nevertheless be cheaper than the large franchisee (whilst probably using the same fitter).

* Splitting The elements.

A fleeting breakdown of the costs to build solar panels are:

Solar Panel Construction Guide – USD 50 (GBP 35)

Solar Cell, Battery and Ancillaries – USD 250 (GBP 200)

Solar Panel Construction and Installation – USD 1100 (GBP 1000)

The cost of solar panel is consequently considerably less if you build the solar panels yourself or with local assistance. The overall cost of electric solar panels has dropped by almost 60% since 2009 and in the next few years is expected to drop to a level where the electricity produced by domestic solar panels will be on par with the more traditional supplies of residential strength as the cost of oil, coal and nuclear alternatives rise.

* Is My House appropriate to Electricity Generation?

A study of whether it is legally possible to install Solar Panels is necessary as planning regulations in your district may prohibit their use in areas of historically importance (Not typically a US problem:)) consequently checking with the authorities in your local area if required. The suitability of solar strength may also be an issue for some similarities (Usually an issue in northern latitudes of the UK – Scotland J) but before I alienate my complete audience it is worth investigating as it is quite surprising how much electricity is generated already on cloudy days. Unfortunately, already with cheap solar panels, it might not be monetarily or environmentally worth it.

The opportunities to make a dent or at the minimum protect yourself against the greater part of the cost rises to come is there for us all. Solar panels on domestic roofs is likely to be the future everywhere. Maybe not for all our needs but certainly some. Start now and don’t get caught napping.

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