Firefighter Brandon Fuller and Police Officer Mark Todd Rescue Woman T…

A firefighter and police officer jumped into action to save a woman who was retained in a creek in Chester County, Pennsylvania. 

The emotional rescue occurred Monday morning in Kennett Township after an SUV crashed into a creek off Cypress Street. 

Longwood Fire Sergeant Brandon Fuller and Kennett Square Police Officer Mark Todd were among the responders who saw the driver, a 55-year-old woman, retained inside as the SUV sank into the water.

“We had to just make a quick decision to try and jump in,” Sergeant Fuller said. “And we could hear the occupant in the means screaming.”

Sergeant Fuller and Officer Todd both jumped into the water to rescue the woman. 

“The water was halting cold. I think we looked it up, it was 46 degrees, so once your body hits the water everything sort of slowly shuts down,” Sergeant Fuller said. “So trying to already communicate with each other and ask her questions, it was tough.” 

As the SUV continued to sink, Officer Todd raced to break the back window while Sergeant Fuller jumped into the means.

“I used a, it’s called a chambermaid,” Officer Todd said. “It’s used for measuring brake parts on a commercial means. I had it in my bag so I took it in with me and was able to break the window with that.” 

ultimately, the men were able to pull the woman out from the backseat. 

“As we were breaking the window, the means went completely underwater, so luckily he had a keep up of her, probably I would say, the top half of her body, and then I just got underneath,” Sergeant Fuller said. 

Cellphone video captured the aftermath of the crash as crews worked for hours to get the means out of the water. 

The woman’s family told NBC10 she remains in the hospital and currently can’t move her legs to walk on her own. They’re also grateful for the quick actions of the first responders. Both Todd and Fuller said they were simply doing their jobs. 

“I would say any officer that was put in that situation or any member of the fire department, they would have done the same,” Officer Todd said.

Officials continue to probe what caused the woman to initially crash.

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