Felon Possession of Firearm Defense

Felon Possession of Firearm Defense

Any accused felon has limited rights when it comes to possessing a firearm. Committing a felony leads to many rights being stripped from an individual. The second amendment to our constitution states that “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The amendment, although a backbone to the American Constitution, has been the series of much argue since its publication.

by this argue both states and our federal government have modificated to the people’s rights and thoughts in our democratic government. Our society has gone by many changes since the second amendment was written and state and federal laws have been so strict about who can acquire a firearm, and those whose rights have been limited are often times breaking the law when they possess a firearm.

Any felon that possesses a firearm is breaking the law. Penalties are harsh and can destroy an individual’s way of life.

However, as a felon who has been accused of these crimes, there are several ways to defend yourself from these harsh penalties. The prosecution must present a case that involves proof that you were possessing a weapon in addition as making sure the evidence was not unlawfully obtained. In the event that these criteria are not met, it is possible for the case to be dropped.

Criminal defense attorneys are obtainable to those felons who have been accused of possession. Defending against charges has led to dropped situations and the reducing of sentences. If you have questions regarding situations of a felon’s possession of a firearm, visit the website of the Milwaukee firearm defense lawyers Kohler & Hart, LLP.

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