Fancy Free Electricity For the Next 400 Years – Just Build a Magnetic …

Fancy Free Electricity For the Next 400 Years – Just Build a Magnetic …

Hands up who wants to save money. I average a lot of money. The kind of money that could make a real difference to your life. Well, who wouldn’t. Imagine cutting your electricity bill by up to 60% for only a few hours work and doing some simple DIY responsibilities. Are you interested however?

Well, you should be because thanks to the amazing magnetic generator these promises and many more can now be realised. Magnetic generators were first developed about 10 years ago in Australia and were seen as a true competitor for the crown of the best different energy product obtainable, next to rivals such as the wind turbine and solar panels. However, the early prototypes, while they worked were devilishly complicated and difficult to build. This method that very few people ever got one to work.

However, that has all changed thanks to the dedication of hundreds of people worldwide, and its now possible to buy DIY guides that can show you how to make your very own working magnetic generator within a associate of days using only basic tools and a little functional skill.

A magnetic generator works along the same lines as a wind turbine but it harnesses the strength of magnets as opposed to the wind. The magnets are arranged on a flywheel and , as any student can testify, the repulsive and attractive forces they generate can turn the wheel. This rotational motion is then transferred to a turbine which is turned to generate electricity. A simple inverter changes the DC current into AC current which can then be used to strength any of the devices around your home.

The best thing about these devices is that the strength source, magnets, run out at an incredibly slow rate. In fact it has been estimated that a magnetic generator can produce around 400 years worth of strength before the magnets need to be changed.

So, if you fancy spending a associate of hundred dollars building a magnetic generator you can expect to gain meaningful savings over the next associate (of hundred) years!

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