Family works to keep sealcoating business in operation

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A decade long battle between Empire Sealcoating and its residential neighbors continues. The town of Colonie is trying to remove a deceased veteran’s business, while his family wants to keep his legacy alive.

Maran Person stood outside her husband’s business with a heavy heart on Friday.

Her husband Ed Person took his life after a zoning board of appeals meeting in October 2020. At the time he believed his business was going to be taken away.

His wife and mom are now looking for answers.

“This business was everything to him. I know that he felt if he lost the business, he truly did feel he was losing everything,” said Maran Person.  

“He planned on leaving it to his sons; it was his and his families future. They tried to take it away from him,” said Elaine Person, Ed’s mom.

In 2009, Ed an Albany firefighter and veteran was approved by the town of Colonie to start his business.

But over the years he received numerous noise complaints from residents about truck traffic by the neighborhood.

The town issued a stop-work order in 2019 to shut him down.

“Eddie did everything right from the beginning. He got the right permissions to run the business and has operated legally from the beginning. We just want to know what we can do to keep going from here,” said Maran Person. 

“The businesses never honored their original agreement, I hope that justice and fairness prevails. I believe they should go back to the original agreement of 2 employees going in and out once a day,” said Tim Tobin.

Tobin lives right near the entrance of Empire Sealcoating. He says the trucks only have one way by the neighborhood to go in and out.

Over a 100 residents signed a appeal to move the business. Tobin believes its affecting his beautiful neighborhood.

“I took a video of our garage door as I put a hose on it and I watched the dirt run off it. The hours of operation have increased and more trucks are on the street getting dirt everywhere,” said Tobin.

News10 reached out to the town of Colonie and did not hear back. The town is holding another zoning board meeting next Wednesday, Oct. 13. Town Attorney Mike Maguilli told News10 he will be testifying.

The Person’s family says they will continue to fight for Ed.

“I feel that I have to see it by for him and in his memory,” said Maran.  

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