Facts You Need to Know About Maternity Insurance in India

Facts You Need to Know About Maternity Insurance in India

Medical costs are skyrocketing in India, and so the costs related to pregnancy. In a reputed hospital, delivery expenses may go high up to Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,50,000, according to the complications in the time of action, including both caesarian and normal delivery. In that case, maternity insurance seems to be a blessing.

Including coverage for child healthcare, maternity insurance relieves the financial stress in those situations by covering the medical expenses which are sometimes more expensive. According to this maturity plan, every assistance has its own limit which is unprotected to sum assured.

About Maternity Insurance
This insurance product covers delivery costs up to a certain extent. Maternity insurance India is obtainable as a standalone policy and one can opt for it as additional cover with base healthcare plan by paying additional a premium. It falls under the category of health insurance.

Here are some of the facts you should know about maternity insurance India –

According to the insurance plan, you may get the following coverage. Keep in mind some of the coverage may not be obtainable as it varies from insurer to insurer –
• Pre-hospitalization expenses for 30 days and post-hospitalization for 60 days.
• C-section and normal delivery charges.
• Expenses in hospitalization like room rent, nursing, OT, doctor’s fees, anesthetist fees.
• Expenses related to childbirth care.
• Day care.
• Ambulance charges for escorting the patient.
• Vaccination for new born.
• Cashless treatment in allied hospitals.

• Congenital diseases
• Existing disease complicating pregnancy
• Treatment for infertility
• Prenatal costs of medicines out of the treatment.
• continued doctor’s visits, checkup, and consultancy fees etc.

Waiting Period
In most insurance companies, waiting period varies from 9 months to around 36 months for maternity benefits. It is always better to plan in improvement. It is better if you buy a plan including maternity benefits at the time of wedding as usually couples plan child after 3 to 4 years.

In case of pregnancy insurance, premiums are usually higher than other plans, excluding maternity benefits. A claim may happen anytime from the perspective of an insurer. With that in mind, a lot of insurers prefer to offer these plans with high premiums.

Choosing the best plan
• Learn about the policy-related terms like waiting periods, co-payment, sub limit, tenure, room rent tariffs, renewability and others.
• Clear all your doubts before making final decision.
• Compare maternity insurance plan online with benefits, features, post and prenatal expenses, coverage details etc. and find the right plan according to your budget, needs, and choices.

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