Evacuation Plans For A Fire In A Zoo

Evacuation Plans For A Fire In A Zoo


A zoo, commonly known as zoological garden or zoological park (sometimes called menagerie) is a facility where animals of all kinds are confined within a given enclosures and they are kept for exhibition to the public. In this regard, if you are on holidays, you can visit the nearest Zoo and use your leisure time enjoying the beauty of wildlife. Unfortunately, there are some instances when your holiday in the Zoo is cut short by the occurrence of flames and fire! In that case, what are you supposed to do? In other words, what are the evacuation plans for a fire in a Zoo?

Well, if the unfortunate happens, you have to save both your life and that of the animals in the garden. In this regard, the following are some of the standards and permissible evacuation plans that have to be followed any other time whenever a fire strikes a Zoo:

1. Raise an alarm

As soon as signs of fire is realised in a Zoo, an alarm should be raised closest to alert all the people of the incoming danger.

2. Get people out of the Zoo

As a matter of fact, the first thing is to get people out of the Zoo. Ideally, every place where the public is supposed to visit must have a fire assemble ground. consequently, as soon as a fire alarm is raised at the Zoo, people are advised to assemble in the respective fire assembly grounds. From there, head count follows and whoever is missing is traced closest. If there is anybody who is injured, then first aid is administered as soon as possible. Thereafter, people should be moved out of the fire-risk place to safer grounds for more directions.

3. Moving the animals into other places which are safe

The next evacuation plan in case of a fire sudden increase in a Zoo is to save the animals. Ideally, a well-designed Zoo has other safe shelters in the Zoo ground that is reserved for emergency situations. However, evacuating animals could be a challenge because some of them are incredibly dangerous and incredibly stressful to move. for example, it is not easy to try to load a giraffe onto a trailer since it could panic and already cause harsh injuries to itself that can rule to death. Nevertheless, some Zoos have planned well for such circumstances by making sure that it has the required structures on the ground such as the lion’s tunnel, the giraffe’s barn, and so on.

4. Save similarities

As soon as people and animals are in a safer ground, then the next step is to save similarities. In a Zoo, there must a team of well-trained firefighters who are ready to quickly respond to the fire sudden increase anywhere at any time. In this regard, the fire-rescue team should have the right fire fighting equipment to be in a better position to contain the fire. If the team manages to put off the fire, then similarities will be saved in addition.


From the above overview of evacuation procedure, it is advisable for the public to be conversant with such plans and aware of the mandatory signs to stay safe whenever there is a fire sudden increase in a Zoo. Otherwise, life and similarities will be lost if the above plans are not followed.

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