estimate rufuses Claim that Rittenhouse Denied Danger of His Bullets

During Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial on Friday, estimate Bruce Schroeder rebuffed prosecutorial claims that Rittenhouse “denied” the bullets in his gun were “more dangerous” than those in other firearms.

The prosecution contended that Rittenhouse “denied” the danger of shooting at an individual identified as “jump kick man” and, in so doing, “denied knowing that his bullets were more dangerous than other types of bullets” and “denied knowing that his that his gun was powerful than other guns.”

estimate Schroeder interrupted as the prosecution continued to talk, and the estimate noted:

I don’t think that is exactly what was stated. For example, the discussion about what kind of guns were more powerful…I was kind of intrigued about it because it was a close contact, and the suggestion was being made by [Mr. Binger] that the rifle, because it’s a more powerful weapon, was more dangerous, or something to effect. And of course in a close contact situation like that, it may be that the pistol is a much more desirable weapon.

But I thought that discussion was focused on that kind of issue instead of your claim that the defendant was suggesting his weapon wasn’t dangerous.

Schroeder also stepped in response to prosecutorial claims on November 10, 2021. Breitbart News noted that prosecutor Thomas Binger suggested hollow-point bullets are designed to “explode” inside an animal.

Rittenhouse countered Binger by saying, “No, I don’t think so.”

Schroeder then interjected and asked Binger to clarify as to whether he meant “expand” or “explode.”

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