Do You Have a Silver Fish Invasion?

Do You Have a Silver Fish Invasion?

What is a Silver fish and why is it here?

Do you have lots of questions about silver fish in your head? Pause and read. Silverfish are those tiny, minute insects that crawl inside your house. They are tiny (about half to one millimeter in length) it has antennas, hairs, and feet. Its body is silver in color (white when newborn) and it moves like a fish, it’s so how it got its name. These insects are usually found in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, cupboards, and most dark areas of the house.

They may be living and populating your house at this very moment. Why suffer the headaches of these insects when you can be totally free from them? The first thing to rid your house of these pests is to learn about it’s origin to easily fight off these strangers of the night.

Several things to know about the Silverfish:

  • Silverfish are more dynamic and on the go during night times. This gives you a thought… possibly they could also be around you in your own bed while you sleep! I can’t imagine creepy crawlers on you in your very bed!
  • Silverfish feeds on your cereals. After years of you eating and enjoying cereal, there may be a possibility that your cereals were invaded by these very creatures and you just don’t know it.
  • Silverfish may damage your home. They can be tiny in size, but their actual damage when taken for granted may cost you your complete home.
  • Silverfish can already damage your clothes. These insects are very attracted to silk, cotton fiber, synthetics, etc. They may be living in your old clothes as you keep them in your closet.
  • Silverfish feeds on your plants. Your very beautiful and healthy plants may not be so beautiful anymore if silverfish make their homes in your plant leaves. They will slowly dry and soon will die.
  • Silverfish are just “icky” to have. As plain as they are, they are so yucky and uncomfortable to have in your home and its best not to live your life having them around.

Learn how to keep silver fish away from you and your home without the need of a general home or piping renovation which will cost hundreds of dollars?!

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