Do Stun Guns Work?

Do Stun Guns Work?

With the rising criminality rates nowadays, some of us consider in purchasing portable self-defense tools like tasers, pepper sprays and stun guns. These tools are not only functional to use but they are also handy and can be kept inside our pockets and bags everywhere we go. Criminals and petpetrators are not choosy on who they like to victimize. More so, they are only lurking behind the dark corners of the streets waiting for the right victim to pass by.

If you decide to buy one for your protection, it is just as important to know the principles and mechanics behind its operation. By doing so, you can control and you can manage it as a self-defense tool.

Among the portable self-defense tools used by peace officers, stun guns are widely used and preferred by both genders, young and old alike because it is not as heavy and bulky as other self-defense tools in the market.

Below are the mechanics on how these guns work.

How do stun guns work?

These guns send about one to three milliamperes of electric signals to the body. When you use a stun gun to your assailant, it releases high voltage to your muscles messing up the electrical pulses sent from the brain to other parts of the body. These impulses are responsible for the normal roles of our body like touching, smiling, talking, controlling our arms, legs and body. When these electrical impulses are disrupted, it results to the permanent shut down of our body’s electrical system. When there is permanent shut down of the body’s electrical system, it is temporarily paralyzed due to the disruption of the brain’s electrical signals. This period causes confusion on your assailant for a shorter period of time, giving you the opportunity to run away and to ask for help. Always remember that for a stun gun to serve its purpose best, be sure it touches the assailant. Do not be afraid to use the device because it is not made to kill someone.

Stun gun mechanics:

This tool uses about nine volts of batteries and it has internal transformers aimed at increasing the voltage and reducing the amperage given to the body. The oscillator found inside the device is responsible in producing the pulsing action, while the charge is found inside the capacitor, and the electrodes is the one which delivers the charge. The stun gun can send electric voltage from 200,000 to 1,000,000, which is enough to penetrate already the thickest clothing or jacket, but only three milliamperes is used in the device. This is not enough to cause long-term damage to the body.

Most attackers and perpetrators are afraid by merely seeing this device because they know how it hurts if they are stung with it. Majority of them go away by merely hearing the cracking sound and seeing the electrodes sparking in a stun gun.

Now that you know the mechanics and attributes of a stun gun, buy one and carry anywhere you go.

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