DJT: The Man for the Moment

DJT: The Man for the Moment

Donald J. Trump (DJT) is exactly the right man arriving on the scene at exactly the right moment. That the American people have elevated a self-obsessed, impatient, fickle, insecure bully to center stage indicates the crisis is upon us. The crisis requires that we make a decision; we have to choose. We can either change and improvement or self-destruct. DJT makes clear what the self-destruct option looks like.

Society evolves in cycles; it does not progress in a straight line. Cycles are built-in processes of renewal. A complete human social cycle lasts approximately eighty years and moves by four definite phases: growth, maturing, decline, and death. Each is a necessary phase; yes dying is necessary for renewal.

America is dying. For fifty years we have been on a destructive path. Weve embraced and famous this path and now we must come to terms with it. Thats just the natural order of things. That we have put DJT front and center of our collective consciousness shines a spotlight on that destructive path.

Every crisis is an opportunity. We are in the final stage of our cycle. We cannot escape the cycle. The America we know – the fear-filled people we have become must die. If we dont – if we resist all we do is delay the unavoidable, were nevertheless going to die but we also postpone our rebirth and renewal.

As harsh as this sounds, realize death is not the end. Death is the requirement for a new beginning. Dying is letting go. We must let go of our current self-destructive ways so we can start again on a new and better path.

Though we can resist – which is humanitys favored option – resistance is futile. We must let our broken culture die to allow ourselves and our society to be reborn anew. The question is not: can we stop the dying course of action? The better question is how can we quickly improvement to renewal and burst forth like a phoenix from the ashes?

Dying requires that we discard once and for all our governing philosophy of might makes right supported by the divide and conquer tactics of every man for himself. A might makes right philosophy always results in the many serving the few; exactly what we have here in America. We have concentrated wealth and strength and proven once again that strength corrupts and absolute strength corrupts absolutely. We – America – can do better, much better.

America dying requires that we – the people – genuinely and meaningfully change as individuals. This is the crux and crucible of the challenge. We must let go. We must stop clinging to hate and fear. For society to change we – you and I – must change. Implementing basic personal change will usher in systemic change in every area of American life. By changing we create a whole new society.

But change is hard. As destructive and pain-filled the path we are on is, we human beings loathe change. The only thing we like better than the way things are is a romanticized concept of the way things were. We are inclined to fight already incremental change and cling to the way things are well beyond any usefulness. Throughout history the stimulus for genuine, basic change is typically lots and lots of people truly dying. Im suggesting for once we move apart with past practice.

Now you may say, Things arent that bad. And if you are in the top twenty percent of the American social order, in other words youre high and powerful, you are right. But step back and look at the big picture. This world is not you – its us, all of us. The choice we confront is stark and real. Claiming we dont have to decide – denying that we are on a self-destructive path and that we dont have to make a choice – is like denying that you need to breathe air. Go ahead and keep up your breath – good luck with that. You can no more think you dont need air than you can refute the obvious – weve got to change.

I know its scary to change, but life is change. We cant keep clinging to our current ways; they are killing us. While we hate to change, realize hate is always the offspring of fear; we are inherently fearful. Fear is a natural obstacle in the path of our evolution. Only those who are willing and able to conquer fear will let go and improvement. It takes courage to let go and make the change. Courage is the order of the day.

DJT is the man in the mirror showing us how unbecoming we can be. DJT is here, in this moment, blissfully unaware he is here to help us make a better choice. We can cling to and empower our worst qualities and destroy ourselves or we can conquer fear and the hate fear engenders, make a basic change and revive our evolution.

Choosing to change ushers in a new phase of growth and wealth for America; choosing to resist invites pain.

What are you going to choose?

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