Defining Types of Essays – 2

Writing a good essay requires a skill that most students need to develop as no one is born with a natural ability to write an essay. To write a good essay, you must be aware of your readers’ types. You have to know that some like the showy and descriptive essay, while others like short and direct ones. So a very important factor that affects your essay quality is your awareness of different types of essays and how to use each of them.

As a consequence, let’s have an overview of some shared essay types.

· Deductive Essays

The deductive essay is usually used as an evaluating essay for the student’s knowledge and his ability in reasoning. Deductive reasoning mainly depends on the concept that given as set of premises or clues, one can make up a reasonable assumption based on the state of the situation, like someone who is solving a question.

· Definition Essays

Simply, a definition essay is a writing that explains what a term/information method. There are some terms that have a definite or a concrete meaning, such as animal or human. Other terms like faithfulness, honesty, or love may be expressed in different ways depending on the writer’s point of view.

· Informal Essays

It’s pleasure time! That doesn’t average informal essays are not informative or useful, it just method that they are less formal than other essays. It’s characterized by its relaxed style in expressing the writer’s opinion or observation.

· Comparison Essays

Also known as “Contrast Essays.” When you are doing a comparison, similarities and differences, you are writing a comparison essay. State the less meaningful similarities or differences first, followed by the more meaningful.

· Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays are used to show that your opinion or theory about a occurrences is correct than others’. It’s not an easy skill to defend your own opinion and persuade the others with it.

· Narrative Essays

It’s time for telling a tale, or personal experience in the form of a story. You could start your narrative essays with a proverb, quote or a fact that reflects the essence of your upcoming story. This will help the reader to get the overall meaning of the story.

By the end of this article and in addition to the past one, you have got an idea about the different types of essays and when to use each of them.

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