‘Dead is a State of Mind’ Continues the Story of Daisy Giordano, Teen …

‘Dead is a State of Mind’ Continues the Story of Daisy Giordano, Teen …

Sixteen-year-old Daisy Giordano has a lot on her plate. Prom season is upon her, but her best-friend-recently-turned-boyfriend Ryan Mendez hasn’t asked her to go however. Worse, he’s been hanging around with the incredibly beautiful new girl in school an awful lot. It’s bad enough Daisy’s dad disappeared, her psychic powers aren’t in addition-developed as those of her mother and sisters, there’s a ghost haunting the town’s funeral parlor, and the new guy at school (a Gypsy fortune teller) seems to be following Daisy wherever she goes. Things can only get worse when Mr. Davis, a popular teacher at Nightshade High, is found murdered in the park.

Daisy was introduced to the world in Dead is the New Black, in which she first discovered she had some psychic powers. When she’s not solving mysteries or learning to move objects with her mind, Daisy’s other interests include coffee (or any caffeinated beverage, really) and chocolate. Like many Italian girls, she loves to cook, and already if her mind-reading and telekinetic abilities aren’t fully developed, her cooking skills definitely are!

This series could easily be taking place in the same world as Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series, with the average citizens of Nightshade only vaguely aware of their supernatural neighbors, including werewolves and other shape-shifters. Like Sookie, Daisy is a bright heroine who struggles to adjust to being able to read minds around her. Fans of L. J. Smith’s ‘Vampire Diaries’ series will probably enjoy Marlene Perez’s ‘Dead’ series in addition.

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