DateTimeControls – Date Time Controller roles

DateTimeControls - Date Time Controller Functions


DateTimeControls Function will Provides a Powerful roles to Manage Date and Time. Easily Calculate Remaining Days and Time and Easily Show Unlimited Timers in Your Projects using Multiple Timers. Calculate Total Remaining Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds One by One or Together. Show Multi Timers on Same Page for Multi Time Targets.


  • Show Timers with Days
  • Show Timers without Days
  • Calculate Remaining Days
  • Calculate Remaining Hours
  • Calculate Remaining Minutes
  • Current Dates with Time
  • Current Dates without Time
  • Find Day of Months, Day of Years
  • Find Name of Day and Name of Months
  • Find Week of Months and Week of Years
  • Find Next Dates and Months with and without Time
  • Find past Dates and Months with and without Time
  • Generate List of Next Dates and Months with and without Time
  • Generate Expiry Dates as Requirements
  • Multi Timers Supports on Same Page
  • Fully Manually produced Methods and Logics Used
  • 100% Easy and obtain Installation and Integrations
  • Easy Options to Perform Action (Timers, Dates, Remaining Date, Etc)


  • ASP.NET Projects
  • Visual Studio & C#


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