Creating a Video For Your Event, Conference Or Exhibition

Creating a Video For Your Event, Conference Or Exhibition

Videos for events can sometimes be a bit of a drag. You usually have to do a lot of mobile camera work, make a number of microphone and audio adjustments and also consider if you need any additional lighting rigs or set ups. However, it doesn’t have to be hard work.

This kind of video is used at different times for many different reasons and they come in two main versions; pre and post footage. The pre-event kind is used for promoting the forthcoming event and should be finalised and distributed at the minimum a few weeks before it starts. Of course, once you have the first pre-show/event video, all you have to do is show this one as a promotional tool before next years event. You should always use it as a kind of tempter for possible visitors, subscribers and exhibitors.

So, the post event video will not only be used to summarize the present event but it will also be used before next years event too – confused? This basically method that if this is the first year for the event (or your first video for it) then you’ll have to come up with a pre-event video a few weeks before and then a post-video production after the event. You will consequently only ever have to produce two videos in quick series one time. Phew, glad that is out of the way!

The art of making a decent event video is to plan the meaningful elements and work out how and when you are going to incorporate these vital elements into the film. Do people need an introduction. Should it include information about getting to the event and if so should you offer any travel recommendations?

Of course, you’ll have to decide whether you want to stray from the main focus of the video and its associated event, or if you think going off topic a bit will nevertheless provide vital information. A very good camera man once told me, “Never add footage and effects for the sake of art or be selfish about visual expression. Basically, don’t try to be too creative for the sake of it – this is an event video after all.

The thing to remember though is that ‘rare’ usually method that people will hang around for longer. These days, we all seem to be in a mad rush and company videos or one for an event, conference or exhibition does not have the wow factor we crave. If we were talking about personal luxury items or products to enhance our turn up then we’d probably stay glued to the screen – event or company videos do not have this luxury. consequently, why not try a few neat effects like slow motion, speeded up footage, chroma meaningful and text animation. This will create a nice visual impact and keep people interested.

To give your event video the best chance of success you need to remember a few basic factors. Always imagine what a typical visitor would like to see and plan from the production from start to finish. Break it up into the intro, main focus, highlights, call to action and final thought and include things that most people will find important. These include, food and drink facilities, wash rooms, start and finish times, sale items, conference program, guest speakers, ‘big name’ exhibitors and any other incentives.

People are generally turned on (so to speak) by an event if it can fulfil most of their requirements in an almost ‘one stop shop’ kind of scenario. Make it easy for them to register, attend or characterize. If you are looking to attract exhibitors then there is nothing better than a good mix of video testimonials. This adds great weight to the content and your credibility will be at an all time high.

If however you want to attract visitors, then sell the benefits to them and get a few visitor testimonials too. Grab someone when they just come out of the latest Google or eBay seminar and get their feelings on camera. If there is an associated exhibition, also get the opinions of a visitor after they have spent a lot of time on one particular stand. If the conversation looked more about ‘business’ than ‘friendly’ you should be able to get a positive reaction from them. This will be great for visitors and also for exhibitors.

Above all else, plan, visualize, create and have fun. We always produce our best work when we enjoy it, so just let it flow.

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