Collin County Boy Hopes To Be Voted Best Mullet in the Country – NBC 5…

Texas Connects Us to the 2021 USA Mullet Championships finals. Yes, it’s a real thing, and three kids from Texas are vying for the crowning achievement.

Voting opened at midnight Tuesday with finalists from the Lone Star State in the divisions for kids and teenagers.

Beau Beken from Montgomery and Jax Crossland from Farmersville in Collin County are finalists in the kids one by 12 age group. Colby Ingram from Navasota is in the running for the teenager with the best mullet.

Voting ends Monday, Oct. 11 at 10:59 CT and can only be done online.

What does a winning mullet look like? Crossland, the contestant from Collin County knows. The team at Mullet Champ crowned him the winner of the 2020 Kids Mullet Championship.

The “business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back style has been around way before it was popularized by actors and rock stars in the 1980s,” read the website for Michigan-based Mullet USA. “According to some historians, the mullet has been around since at the minimum Ancient Greece, where the style was as much for function as it was for fact. Cropped hair around the confront with longer locks in the back allowed for both visibility and a protective inner of hair for your neck.”

Mullet USA goes on to say the hairstyle got renewed interest as the pandemic closed hair salons last year.

“With hair salons being closed for multiple months in the first half of 2020, many people took on the dreaded task of facing down a home-brewed haircut. For some this manifested in a mullet style: either out of appreciation for the cut, or, perhaps, out of necessity. Get the hair off your confront without worrying about trimming the back of your head where you can’t see. Like our ancestors before us, we must concede the mullet for what it truly is: a functional haircut,” the website said.

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